Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 - almost gone but not forgotten

I see my friend Beth beat me to my last post of the year's idea...but I'm certain they won't be the same.

2007 was a whirlwind of dreams for me. It all started with Spring Training in Ft. Myers and meeting Kelly off the SG site. It began flying in on Friday with plans of returning on thing I know I'm changing flights, crashing at Brenken's and staying for another game so I can see Beckett pitch :) Then of course, it's Opening Day in TEXAS!!! I go to all three games and it is awesome how much fun I have...except it's April and it's freaking 38 degrees!!!! WHF???? IN TEXAS??? Then of course, it's Memorial weekend coming up and I have tickets for all three games....but my best friend's stepdaughter is getting married and I HAVE to attend it...SO I go to the first game and sell the other two :long sigh: But it was a grand wedding and I had a blast! Plus I truly know that the bride and groom really appreciated that I came. Next up San Diego!!! I fly into L.A.X. and stay with my good friend SoxontheBeach and then we head south....of which note to self: Always add on about 3 extra hours when you're driving to San Diego from L.A.....three games of glorious greatness!! Getting to meet several off SG for the first time yet Again...Beth, Horsham, Nate, Bellbabe, Poprocksncoke, along with the regulars MrsMLB(her buddy Mel) and Kelly. Next scheduled trip was Boston...of which I was able to catch 4 games this time and stayed there for a entire week. I got to meet for the first time Hayes (thank YOU so much for Walden!!), JET came in for a Wednesday game (I think I scared that little kid sitting in front of us), Becks got to meet me (I finally convinced her that not all Texans are dumb), and CapeCodder!! (and thanks to YOU we got the San Diego tickets!). Got to meet Cindy for a couple of beers but that's ok cos i get to spend more time during my SocTober visit. Of course I got to see all my regulars while there too: Kelly, Cyn, and abunch off my other serialkiller internet board friends. I love's almost like going home for me. Ok the last trip for baseball was going to Baltimore....I met up with Kelly at the airport then headed to the hotel of which Cyn was waiting for us....check in, change, head to the park....again getting to meet many SGers for the first time yet again! I had already met she was there...Citizen, JD, Rob, TED and his brother Mattie, Kurt(aka Superman), BB and wifey, AB, Candaon!. WE all met at this sports bar....descending down like a family reunion. I think they were sorta glad we left. Another Three glorious games! Got to see Millah!! I think every series I went to I got to see Beckett pitch...even Spring Training. But all good things gotta come to a close....or do they?? not when it's SoxTOBER!!!! The boys played their hearts out...and stole the tomahawks from the Indians....and on to knocking the Snow out of the Rockies. Can you say it with me?? The Red Sox are the 2007 World Series Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well of course you're did ya go to the WS parade again?? Sad to say but with my new job I was not able to it was during the week. BUT I did go that weekend so I could see the banner flying from Fenway. Plus a few of us took a little trip to a sportshow to get Snyder's autograph...cyn, kelly and cindy! I got to hang out with JET and Becks my first night, then on to hanging out with cyn, kelly, cindy and Tru and his daughters...PLUS got to see my friend Chrissy at the souvenir store of which Mike Timlin was in there shopping!!!! Of course I got to thank him and that fairly made up for not seeing the parade. Awesome that it was....I cried softly that I was not able to see Paps do his jig, Lowell smile and wave, Beckett just stand and smile(he just doesnt show emotions off the mound unless being showered with beer or champagne-hmmmm New years) ... I hate that I missed the parade...but I'll Always have the 2004 WS Parade experience. That is one story I will tell over and over.

On a personal note, I got the best job ever a few months ago....a great raise and promotion with a new me the opportunity and chance to hone skills that will hopefully land me a job in Boston....where my heart is.

2008 is around the corner and I know it brings nothing but good things. I'm just going to leave you with a couple of my favorite things


Ted D said...

Nice job recapping a great year Tex. Both for the team and for you personally. I knew about all of it, but seeing it in one post makes me realize you had a BUSY year!

I'm already pumped about my trip to Boston and Baltimore this may.

The two of your favorite things picture cracked me up!

Here's to an even better 2008!

Beth said...

I love that picture! Here's hopin' '08 includes another Tex/Beth meet-up!!

Tex said...

I kept trying to figure out how i would recap all 13 games and 2 ST games along with the october trip plus meeting all. I dont feel i did it justice. However, the two pics are my fav. the beer/baseball pic was taken in a boston bar.

I could NOT even begin to capture all the fun we had in each city. Beth I am hoping some of you come to one of the two series in Texas. I'm starting to doubt my trips out of state more and more with the new job. But it will take me closer to being there in 2009.
Ted yes I had a busier year than I realized.

beckperson said...

Tex, I am convinced, as you say, at long last that Texas ain't as bad as I thought. Let's hope 2008 brings a visit to YOUR stomping grounds. Bob keeps finding different bands and bars in Austin for us to visit. Think he's psyched???? :)

Much love to you for all the laughs this year. Many hygs to you as well. Happy New Year, my friend!!!!

Tex said...

Im sitting here waiting on my friends to call to meet them. Eating and then kicking our heels up at a local dancehall.

Becks...i may not have to do any research...Bob seems to be doing a good job himself ;)

seriously....Ill send ya an email this week of the local places i know ya got to visit. I need to know what time of year ya are thinking i can make sure to plan it out to be IN Austin. Oh...and we will have to do at least one walk around Town Lake...there's a statue by the lake of Stevie Ray Vaughn

Sparkle Plenty said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, TEX!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your state was huge to drive through, but quite interesting. Hope to come back to visit for longer some time.


Redbeard76 said...

What a great year it was... I have yet to meet any SGers but I am anxious in waiting. I might even make it to Fenway this year, who knows?

Now go Tigers! Beat those California pretty boy types, show them how you do it in the bayou, rasslin' alligators and whatnot.

beckperson said...

Tex, I would love for it to be spring, but I'm not 100% positive. Don't worry about your schedule, we'll give you plenty of notice. :)

Ted D said...

Happy New Year, Tex. And Becks, if you can make it all the way to Texas, you'd best swing by and see me in NC when you come visit your friend. ;)

Tex said...

Look Ted. You got Horsham first...I get Becks first. Quit hogging all the SGers :)

beckperson said...

Ted, I've been to North Carolina at least 10 times in my life. Only was in Texas once (Houston) for an overnight business trip several years ago.

I NEED to see it the right way this time. :)

Ted D said...

Well, if you visit Tex I'm confident you will see Texas the right way, so I understand that part.

I still expect a visit when you come see your friend. ;)

muse said...

What? No raindrops on roses?! Just beers on tap and baseball! Loved It.

Stacy said...

Happy New Year, Tex!

Love the photo of the banners at Feneway; very cool!

Hope you have a great year and you can still travel some with your new job.