Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Night before -- Feliz Navidad -

'Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the casa,
Not a creature ws stirring
- Caramba! Que pasa?

Los ninos were tucked away
in their camas,
Some in long underwear,
some in pyjamas,

While hanging the stockings
with mucho cuidado
In hopes that old Santa
would feel obligado

To bring all children,
both buenos and malos,
A nice batch of dulces
and other regalos.

Outside in the yard
there arose such a grito
That I jumped to my feet
like a fightened cabrito.

I ran to the window
and looked out afuera,
And who in the world
do you think that it era?

Saint Nick in a sleigh
and a big red sombrero
Came dashing along
like a crazy bombero.

And pulling his sleigh
instead of venados
Were eight little burros
approaching volados.

I watched as they came
and this quaint little hombre
Was shouting and whistling
and calling by nombre:

"Ay Pancho, ay Pepe,
ay Cuco, ay Berto,
Ay Chato, ay Chopo,
Macuco, y Nieto!"

Then standing erect
with his hands on his pecho
He flew to the top
of our very own techo.

With his round little belly
like a bowl of jalea,
He struggled to squeeze
down our old chiminea,

Then huffing and puffing
at last in our sala,
With soot smeared
all over his red suit de gala,

He filled all the stockings
with lovely regalos --
For none of the ninos
had been very malos.

Then chuckling aloud,
seeming very contento,
He turned like a flash
and was gone like the viento.

And I heard him exclaim,
and this is verdad,
Merry Christmas to all,
and Feliz Navidad!


Ted D said...

You are KILLING me! Where are you finding all these? And are the Russian, German, and French versions forthcoming?

Rakes has loved the first 2: I'll read him this one tomorrow. You are playing a big role in the Dalton families Christmas, Tex. ;)

Tex said...

hmmmm the french one WAS the Cajun one doofus.

but german and russian?? im sure there are many other versions.

see Auntie Tex can BE at Christmas in North Carolina one way or nother

Ted D said...

Oh yeah. I keep forgetting you Cajuns are French: I think the fact Cajuns don't run around yelling "We Surrender" all the time has me thrown.

Auntie Tex is welcome anytime. The more I know you and the older Rakes gets, I'm more and more convinced we are in fact somehow related.

Tex said...

i have many cousins in north and south carolina. my grandfather's brother family is there and i dont know half of them...his name was Willie Ellis. you can do the homework. it IS possible. course you weren't born in north carolina were you? :)

Ted D said...

No, but not too far up the road.


Seriously, I'm at a loss to explain Rakes anymore: you being related is about the last hope I have. :)

JET said...

//You are playing a big role in the Dalton families Christmas//

How many families does Mr. Dalton have? You a mormon?

Tex - awesome stuff!

Tex said...

oh sheesh just start telling people that Rakes has this aunt that he takes after. Once I come up there and anyone meets me...they'll just turn to you and smile...I dont mind. I'll take the rap

Tex said...


JET said...

//No JET he's DADDYMAN!!! //

He's a very bad man.

//Manny quote

Ted D said...

NOW I get it.

And how do YOU rate getting JET to comment on your blog?

I'm jealous. ;)

JET said...

//NOW I get it.

And how do YOU rate getting JET to comment on your blog?

I'm jealous. ;) //

You are too cute! I visited on your recommendation. I will check on you tomorrow. :)

Would you guys like to know the JET award for ER emergency of the night? kids read this blog?

Ted D said...

If they do, hopefully their parents grounded them.

You've got my attention, so spill. :)

JET said...

//If they do, hopefully their parents grounded them.//

::snickers. Looks at Tex::

//You've got my attention, so spill. :)//

OK, here it is...
::drumroll please...::

F.B.(foreign body) in...uh...well...vee-jay-jay...


Ted D said...

OK, that's pretty good.

But WHAT foreign body? That could be anything.

And why am I this interested?

Forget what I said, JET. I'm going to bed. It's best left to the imagination anyway. :)

JET said...

//And why am I this interested?//

Ha, ha. Me too.

I honestly don't know - I wasn't there when they extracted it...thankfully.

I think you said it right, 'best left to the imagination'. We can act like childish teenagers sniggering together, then pretend to be mature adults again tomorrow. ;)

Tex said...

uhmm ya having this entire conversation bout me while im sleeping? and my blog is NOT that bad dammit.

foreign body in the veejayjay?? lordie... what foreign body? Putin?

Redbeard76 said...

These have been great, I wish I could read them aloud here just to get the proper feel for it.