Saturday, December 01, 2007

Texas Tough

I still have two reasons to fly my flag at Fenway!!! Texas boys Rock!


Ted D said...

Nice, Tex.

The Texas contingent on the Red Sox is represented well.

Timlin scares me: there, I said it.

He's really sort of serial killerish. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Tex said...

serial killerish?? how? josh and mike are my type. the tall silent kind who likes the outdoors AND baseball :)

Ted D said...

The eyes, Tex: the eyes.

He's a stone cold killer, mark my words. ;)

Tex said...

::rolls my own stone cold eyes::

Ted, those eyes as well as josh's and mine are just Kick ASS Texas Eyes.

Ted D said...

::sticks tongue out::

Well, it took me roughly 6 hours of time, but I did it: I got the slideshow up and running.

Amazing what happens when you take your time and notice the "would you like help imbedding your album as a slideshow?"

::smacks self::

Tex said...

as usual. a man doesn't know how to "follow" directions even when they're staring him in the face. :)

Beazer said...

//the tall silent kind//

I promise you, Timlin isn't silent.

Sit in the bleachers and watch him in the bullpen...he never shuts up.

Just MY kind of guy! :)