Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas from Texas

A shout-out to all my favorite people out there!! those who read and those who post. Ted, git yor family well. hygs to Angie, Ciera, Rakes and Trot. Matt and Scott go easy on Ted...he can't help it. Sorry I forgot STACY!!! Becks, save some of that jambalaya for me. JET drink a guinness for me. Horsham enjoy your stay in the states. Stephen safe travels back home. Sparkles I hope you get your dog soon. Merry Christmas to all those who I got to meet this year and those I met before off SG: Cyn, Brenken, and Soxonthebeach, VaritekChick, Kelly, Citizen, JD, Rob, BB et al, Hayes, Candaon, Kurt, Beth, Bellbabe, Nate, Becks and Bob, Horsham, JET, Ted, Cindy, MrsMLB, poprocksncoke, i hope i didnt forget anyone.
and those who I am still waiting to meet: Red, Denton, alexis, Cousin Steve, Stephen, JoshBlue and Amy, Corky, Dover, skeeter, kaylee, Don Penguino, StephenRedBeard, DeathOpie, Tom Miles, Boston Dee, Trots Hat, alittlenightsmusing, Nancy and Mr. Nancy, Jersey and NNews, JohnnySideburns, and all others.

Merry Christmas to all my Texas Red Sox players of 2007 (anyone born in Texas) Mike Timlin, Josh Beckett, Kyle Snyder and David Murphy. Wishing ya loads of happiness....and Josh, I'm still waiting on that autograph on my're the only one that's missing at this point.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Guinness!!
OMP!! how could I forget STEVE??!!!! I met STEVE the ferret this year!!! and even took a pic of him and Kyle. GOSH the memories of 2007. :)
ok I am a complete and utter doofus. I forgot and left off a southeast Texas boy: Clay Buchholz! ::slaps forehead:: thanks kelly for the headsup. ::bangs head on keyboard:: ok two more autographs are needed on my flag.


Stacy said...

Merry Christmas, Tex! I hope you make it to NC next year; I look forward to meeting you and seeing you straighten Ted out a little. :)

Tex said...

stacy. you've known Ted longer than I honestly think "straighten out" is even a possibility?

Merry Christmas Stacy!!

scott h said...

Merry Christmas Tex !

Ted D said...

Wait a minute...

For a guy living in a nuthouse, I think I turned out OK.

Tex, getting to know you and meet you was one of the best things that happened to me this year.

Merry Christmas to my adopted sister and favorite Texan.

Tex said...

you know what they say Ted. Pod works in mysterious ways.

::clinks real beer glass to your weakwater bottle::

sittingstill said...

Tex, I'm glad you didn't forget Steve... but you did forget a Texan. MY Texan... ^_~

And a Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Tex said...

ok edited hopefully the last time.


Ted D said...

In answering your poll question, I see you've been productive while at your folks.

Nice job on all the extra stuff you've added.

::she STILL doesn't have a slide show::

Tex said...

only because all my pics are on my cds and computer...Im using my DADs computer. my wireless card won't work in this area. I called sprint and the type of card i have doesnt work in this network...which is crazy.

Ill be passing you soon lil bro

Ted D said...

Excuses, excuses.