Monday, December 10, 2007

Painting the Corners

Painting the corners

With each kick and breath
The fireman stares ominiously
Towards the dish.
Sinking it in the glove
Hard and fast
Focusing the ball
High and on the inside
Tight and outside
the batters.
Is he a Rembrandt,
Van Gogh or Picasso?
The men stare waiting
And missing
Slowly they turn back
To face the mound.
Once more with determination
Going to make this pitch theirs.
Leaning in, the closer swoops
His head into their direction
Intimidating them to submission.
The closer turns his head slightly
Slowly to first base smiling ever so brief
Then turns firing a fastball past
The batter in disbelief.
Three pitches ends the game.


Ted D said...

Nice, Tex. Somehow you take the rough around the edges Beckett and make poetry out of it.

I really hope you decide to find a publisher for your stuff: I'd buy it, and I'm the cheapest SOB I know.

However, if Beckett ever reads your blog, I'm pretty sure a restraining order will closely follow. ;)

Tex said...

uhmmm that was about Papelbon. i cant post what i write about beckett here. id get a restraining order on me :) were talking about ME?? :p

Ted D said...

My bad: you post so much about Becktett I thought the picture was of him!

With that flag of yours, I imagine your picture is up in every locker room across MLB.

" Guys, if you are from Texas, keep an eye out for THIS person."

Tex said...

i was looking at my posts for Dec and they were all about beckett so i figured i needed to mix it up abit. hmmmm my pic up in all the locker rooms?? I wonder if they have my good side?

Ted D said...

You have a BAD side?

Could have fooled me. :)

Tex said...

i was talkin bout "the girls" ;)

Ted D said...

I know Tex.

Is there a bad side to the "girls"?

I've been married 15 years: in my opinion, the answer is NO. ;)

Tex said...

good point. anyhoo. Beckett and the Girls. ya thats what Im talking about

Ted D said...

It's all good, Tex.

Beckett, The Girls, ...

It's all good. :)