Saturday, December 29, 2007

And it's Back to Beckett

yes I Know...I posted about this Wheaties Box some time ago when it first came to our attention. good friend SoxontheBeach in L.A. got me one. I'm sitting talking to my son on my work cellphone when my personal cellphone rings....I can't answer it of course but see it's from SotB whom I had spoken to earlier while she was on her way to the store. After getting off the phone with my son I check the message. It's a bit high pitched and quick...then she hangs up. I'm trying to decipher her message cos all I heard was one word "Guidos". Well at least that's what I thought. I figured she had to have mistakenly called me and realized she was leaving a message for the wrong person...someone named Guido...or she was looking for a restaurant?? I don't I put the phone down.

I couldn't let it rest...I listened to the message again...............and again.................and again. I sat there staring at the phone after listening to it one more time...when it hit me like a shotgun shell blasting a deer for dinner. WHEATIES!!! She said WHEATIES!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm scrambling to call her back....leave my own garbled message in a high pitched voice....thank Pod she returned my phone call and NOW my 2nd Christmas Present will be a genuine Wheaties Box with my very own Joshua Patrick Beckett on the front.

I can't wipe this silly ass grin off my face. Thanks SotB!!! I owe YOU.


Ted D said...

YAY SotB! Very happy you're getting the box.

Now, big question is are you gonna eat the Wheaties? ;)

I've looked out here but have not seen any yet. I wonder when they will stop using the Beckett box?

Tex said...

Beckett should NEVAH go out of style. I think I'm gonna have to put it into some kind of sealed container. Eat the wheaties??? wouldn't it be worth MORE if i didn't?

Ted D said...

I don't know. I was just being stupid! But probably if it's unopened, it would be worth more.

Like you'll ever sell it. Knowing you, you'll make it part of your last wishes for it to be put in the coffin with you. :)

Tex said...

hey. good idea to take my fortune with me :) Beckett lieing next to me till Im dust??

not so much. But i gotta have the Beckett box. perhaps a shadow box?

if I ever get to meet or talk to Josh...i hope i dont go speechless

Redbeard76 said...

Hey is there a Guido there?

Guido, ya there?

Guiiiiiiiddoooooo... where are you??

Next time I look in the cereal section at the store, I'm looking for the JPB Wheaties box. If not for me, then for Mrs. Redbeard - he's her binky.

Ted D said...

Tex, I'm pretty sure you going speechless is the 7th sign of the apocolypse, so please let me know if that happens.

I like to be prepared.

Tex said...

i need to always have my texas flag with me. my hopes is he'll sign it. and at say "fuck" at least once :)

Ted D said...

On the signing of the flag, I'd say your odds are 50/50.

The other part? Guaranteed.

Tex said...

i figure if he sees Timlin, snyder and murphy has signed it...surely he's bound to. I want all the 2007 Texas players to sign it.

Ted D said...

I forgot you had Murphy on there.

I bet he'd sign it. Though you camping out on his front lawn may give him pause. ;)

Tex said...

it aint called camping. my truck had a flat and my cellphone went dead. I just needed to use the phone. :)

ok bed calls. and ive got lots to do if Im gonna find out exactly where he is on monday ;)

Ted D said...

Whatever you say, sis. I'll back you up.


Redbeard76 said...

Hey Tex, I wanted to let you know I just watched this week's Austin city limits recorded from last night. Originally recorded for Bloc Party (in my top 10), but then the second half of the program was a band from Austin called Ghostland Observatory, cool and weird and crazy stuff, they're a riot. If they play again, you and sotb should check it out. Yeah I remember from this summer we were talking about the festival that you guyses went.

Tex said...

you guyses?? you mean Ya'll? :)

ACL is a blast and i suggest everyone go at least once. of course it has been fairly easy for me living so near. i think they are trying to make sure they get "big acts" on a smaller scale cos they had Cold Play a few years ago...not that Tom Petty or Dylan arent big acts...i think they are trying to get a older crowd as bring the money i guess