Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Leaving Me

Leaving me behind in
Your past was the
Key to
Finding salvation
In my future.
Bits and pieces of your heart I took
With me, those which
Held the secrets to my soul.
Each path I took, each choice
I’ve made has led me to where I
Am going.
Playfulness and
play a part
In who I am and who
I am becoming.
Reaching forward, grabbing
Ahold of my heart, pulling
Myself into my arms,
I relax into a state of
With my past, my present,
My future,
With Myself.


Ted D said...

Nice, Tex. You have a real gift with poetry. I hope you follow through with your promise to try and get it published.

I'm a royal dink, and even I realize it's good.

Keep it up, sis.

Tex said...

thanks ted. I am. promise. girl scouts honor. yes I was a girl scout.

Bosox Fan in Wichita said...

Tex, very good. You have a nice way of expressing your feelings. Thanks for sharing with us.

Tex said...

thanks Wichita