Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Keep Em Coming Boys!!!

So two games I've not watched....two games we've won. Is it me? or is it Fenway? We'll see once the boys hit the road again. I usually don't root for the Yankees but they were playing the Rays and so the debate was who you gonna root for? The team(Rays) who are above us in the standings? or the hated rival Yankees who are playing the Rays? I'll be happy with a split cos heaven knows we don't want the Yankees gaining ground on us either. We're still 3 games behind the Rays but the Yanks are 7 1/2 games behind the Rays. The Rays are really Hopping this year. But back to the Sox.... Manny came alive with one over the Monster bringing in Pede for a two run homer. Youk got 3 hits. Lester didn't fare too well but Aardsma (Texas boy from Rice University) got the Win while Paps got the Save. Moss brought in a single rbi to give the go ahead run to win the game. The thing I love about Tito is how he "manages" his team...he truly cares about these guys and he shows them he appreciates their contributions. You always see him going to the younger guys making sure he recognizes they made a difference.

And to let you know I'm still not watching as long as the Red Sox keep winning. You KNOW Beckett is pitching tomorrow....and since it is a day game it makes it easier for me to not accidently be at a sport bar to eat

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Ted D said...

Keep it up, Tex. Whatever you're doing is working some mojo.