Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Three for Three

Well Today the boys played well. Beckett was on the mound and did fair and was getting into a little trouble right off the bat but around the 3rd inning the bats got us on top....another 2 runs in the 5th...and 7 more in the 7th and 4 in the 8th...yep 18 RUNS!! I was at work and trying to keep up with the game on line but when it got close in the top of the 6th at 6-5, I closed the screen when I felt perhaps I was really "watching" the game. I promised I would not watch as long as they would I went about my business working all day long....but I couldn't stand it and clicked on the game to see the score. It was the bottom of the 8th and when I saw the last two innings runs, I bout fainted. I figured it was safe for me to watch the top of the 9th. It clearly reminded me of the game in 2007 where Beckett was doing awful and in a post presser when quizzed about why the boys didn't score some runs for him...He dissed the media and said he didn't worry while he was pitching that his boys were gonna score fifteen fucking runs for him. Well Josh...they scored 18....How bout DEM APPLES???
So I found these two photos amusing from the Globe. Beckett finds a beach ball and debates on whether to hit the fan in the stands who has been ragging on him all season...IM JOKING!!!!!! I find it funny that Beckett would be the one who would grab the beach ball that landed in front of the dug out and throw it back in the stands. That's such a Manny thing to do....speaking of Manny....Manny, you CANNOT catch the ball from inside the Monster!!!!!!!!!!! Manny Being Manny!!!

I would post a broom but I figured I'd just soak the Wins and Runs up with my mop.


Ted D said...

Tex, this habit we've got of posting the same pictures is getting spooky.

Your sacrifice for the team is a noble cause; I appreciate everything you're doing.


Tex said...

aw come ON. what other picture would we use??? of course i HAD to use the beach ball and Beckett one too :)

Crystal said...

Great post Tex! I was also surprised that of all the players, Josh was the one to throw the beach ball back! I got a kick out of that! Glad to see him having a little fun at Fenway! :)

Ted D said...

You'd think he'd just stomp on it with his spikes and curse at it.

Tex said...

actually I think he had his deer rifle in the dugout hoping to get some target practice