Friday, July 04, 2008

New York Strip Steaks

Howdy from Texas. I thought we'd start off with some recipes of how to make steaks while in New York. The first recipe seems to be a little of the sorts of something they would have on the West Coast ala Lester...a beer and molasses steak sauce on top of grilled strip steaks. Sort of like we're gonna have our share of steaks and you're not....and here's some sauce to rub in your face about it.....If you ever had any doubt about Jon....file them away....a no-hitter and a shut out BEFORE the All Star game already. Yah...he's a keeper.

Next recipe is for today. Now some of you may not appreciate deer hunting...but in honor of who is on the mound today: Venison Steak. There should be plenty to go around for dinner but just in case

Here's some Snacks for the game while in the dugout and bullpen: Venison Jerkey

So now that we made the Yankee's shut up and shut out.....let's do it again.

Let's Go RED SOX
clap clap clapclapclap


Ted D said...

Tex, you're making my hungry.

Beckett's grinding today, but so far, so good.

Happy 4th, Sis.

Tex said...

Happy 4th to you too. as long as he grinds the yanks down to a pulp, im good