Monday, July 21, 2008

Tiger Camp

Everyone who knows me KNOWS I am NOT a football gal....but this past weekend cos of my good friend Kim who loves the LSU Tigers...I agreed to attend the Women's Football Clinic held by the Tiger's football coaches. Now I've been to this stadium to a few games already since an ex boyfriend was a I mean avid fan. I soon learned that there are crazed women fans in Football as well! My good friends think I'm abit whacked when it comes to the Red Sox but I learned this weekend what my friends and I must look like to strangers to baseball or any non-sports fan. Above is the Tiger Stadium, Death Valley as some call it. Apparently back about 20 years or so ago.....a young boy named Tommy Hodson threw a winning pass to win the game against Auburn and the stadium rocked to the point it registered on the seismograph scale and now it's called "The Earthquake Game". And so here is my get the full effect, I think I'm going to do it in increments to put in as much of the story and pics/videos as I can do.

Friday morning Kim picks me up from home and we head out to Baton Rouge....leaving one capital of a state to go to another...ALL for the love of Football. (I was going for the beer).
We laugh and giggle all the way there and barely made it in time to register and get our bags, do a little shopping at their set up gift shops...then we climbed the the way it was held in the Pete Marovich Stadium. Apparently Pistol Pete went to LSU...who knew? a basketball fan I have not gotten sold on yet.

We listen to a few coaches ramble on about football and I will have to say that I was abit disappointed that the classes were NOT really Football 101 as described. I think they were more on the Jr. level of college. HELL...I need definitions of what a cornerback does....and a fullback?? I mean why do they even use "back" at the end of their names? I mean in baseball, at least they USE bases for 1st Baseman....and pitchers "pitch", catchers "catch" what does a fullback do?? back the full?? are they the ones with the fullest backs?? Anyway...I digress....they had some attendees participation IF you're ticket number got pulled....I was crossing my fingers I got to stay seated. Before the rest of was time to Tailgate and TAILGATE they did. We had jambalaya, pizza, shrimp and pasta, cookies, wrapped chicken in bacon...and samples of beer...but I drank water. I figured the beer could wait till later.

Back inside we got to have the Q&A with Les Miles and his wife. My camera sucked inside cos of the lighting. This year Coach Miles had to kick a member off the team due to inappropriate behavior in his personal had really made the news and was quite the news around this member was a louisiana boy too. But Coach Miles wanted to make a statement...this was after their winning the 2008 BCS National he kicked him off the team and made a statement to all those players and fans. Les Miles was not going to cater to ANY player no matter WHO you were. No matter if you were a STAR player.
But you didn't come to this blog to read about football did you? NAWWWWWWWW You came to hear about how Tex fared in the whole football clinic...well let me tell you...I think Les Miles just got a new fan of LSU football...not that I didn't already like them...but he impressed me with his ethics.

Next post I will begin with the video of what they call the Victory Walk...some pics and the video of running onto the field through the chute. I know my ex boyfriend will cream in his pants when he finds out. He'd dress in drag if coulda went to the camp himself.


Ted D said...

Tex, I gotta say my highlight on Saturday was listening to your voice mail from Friday night:

"I'm standing on the FREAKING FOOTBALL Fieaaald of LSU!"

LOL, sis. You at a football clinic is about 10 kinds of hilarious!

Glad you had a good time.

Angela said...

Glad you had a good time, Tex! Maybe someday I'll give another sport a try... Maybe ;-)

Crystal said...

Sounds like a great time Tex, glad you enjoyed it!

Football's not so bad. You've just got to start watching the Pat's. :)

Sparkle Plenty said...

This does sound like big fun with your friend (I like the sound of the giggling and laughing all the way)...Forget 'bout the football, how was the food?

Looking forward to seeing the video! :-)