Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Some of you may be wondering why I have a picture of the woods....but THIS isn't just isn't any woods. This is Walden Pond and the site of Thoreau's cabin the woods where he lived for a year to live deliberate. I am somewhat envious of him that he could do this. In today's society, you can't just go out into the woods and live without being looked upon as an outcast or eccentric. I have to say that being at Walden Pond and seeing this site has been a lifelong dream of mine since I read Walden Pond in 12th grade. In fact, tears came to my eyes and I had wished I had a writing pad so that I could just sit inside the chained off area to say that I too had written in Thoreau's cabin. My good friend Hayes(off SG) and I went walking around the pond through the woods....as I am sure that Thoreau did as. It was a beautiful sunny summer day....I went for a brief wade in the water and got a pic. Later that day we hit a local place to catch part of the game....I saw Thoreau's gravesite as well as Hawthorne's, Emerson, and Alcott. It was a perfect day ending with Josh losing the game but giving the best post-game presser to be seen...dropping the F bomb about the media's questions. Josh was tired of answering the same questions asked 10 million different ways. Josh walks to the beat of a different drummer....much like the quote from Thoreau. Granted, it may have not been appropriate what he said....but he said it with such bluntness and matter of fact without directing in at the media....they got the point....it even made Jim Rice crack up. I know you're wondering how can you compare baseball with literature and all?? but baseball is a thinking man's game...baseball takes balance of many things. You can't just be a good hitter. You can't just be a golden glove.

Oh yeah...that other pic?? Well there was this stone pile and it appeared others did the zen thing with the stones of balancing them....so I decided to do one for me. Now this was a pile of stones....and in the midst of these stones I found a blue plastic star....now if any of you know me...you know how much I LOVE Stars! I took this as a sign....I placed the star on the top of all these balanced stones....signifying that my life despite all the rocky surroundings would shine at the top...shine like a star!


KAYLEE said...

great post AND pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ted D said...

Tex, as a fan of Don Henley and the Eagles, I'm familiar with Walden Woods. Great pic's, and an even better post.

As for Beckett, the highlight of my week was him screaming at AJ of the White Sox " F**K YOU, You're OUT!" at the game this week.

I just love the guy's heart: and while my tree hugging brother would have something profound to say, I just have to let you know that I'm really glad you are back, safe and sound.

And I'm looking forward to some pictures, though I'm not pressing you to get them up soon!

Tex said...

having near 2000 from both trips...is going to fun to go through

Ted D said...

Tex, you haven't complimented me on how well I took care of the place while you were gone.

I'm hurt.

Tex said...

Ted...if ya gotta go fishing for a compliment...you better bring a big rod and reel

Ted D said...

I've never fished for a compliment, and by gosh, I won't start now.

::gets out "how to get a compliment for dummies book: