Sunday, July 29, 2007

Meanwhile back in Boston....

Ok so our boys ain't faring too well at the Trop....but meanwhile back at Fenway, Sting and The Police are Romping and Stomping it up. Unlike baseball, men can go way into their 50's and still have it at this job. Sting had his son's band, Fiction Plane, open for them....according to the Boston Herald. I have to say I am abit jealous of ANYONE who was at Fenway to hear them....Sitting in the park able to just enjoy the music played without stressing if the boys were hitting or scoring....would have been nice.

And according to the Boston Globe....Sting has aged quite well for himself....chiseled biceps, blue eyes and gorgeous smile....Very Niiiiiiice for someone 55, dontcha think? Like I always say....Age is JUST a Number.


Ted D said...

Tex, didn't know you were a Police fan. Never been a huge fan, though I do like certain songs. Don't think I'd pay the kind of scratch it took to get a ticket though.

For Springsteen or U2, no problem.

I'm glad I get to go back to work Monday: sitting around the house by myself is a little sad.

Tex said...

well of COURSE Tex would like a group called The POlice :)

I was at the laundromat waiting on the clothes to dry...reading an article in Self magazine(about health) and lo and behold there was this article about the difference between being deep and shallow...I almost laughed out loud! :)

I will have to scan it or rewrite it all over....but one quote stuck out "Try measuring your breadth instead of measuring your depth"

Try it on...and see what you take from that...I'll let you know if you get it. So for you shallow end swimmers....being in the deep pool is good...but being able to swim the width is good too.

Tex said...

oh and I couldnt help but compare it with a simple little song I learned in sunday school

Deep and Wide :)

Ted D said...

Tex, that is pretty funny: i've got to get my mind wrapped around that. Try measuring your breadth:

Let me think on it for a bit, and I'll let you know.

Ted D said...

I been thinking Tex: if I know alot about a bunch of different things, except all those things won't ever matter unless I get on a trivia game show hosted by Alex Trebek, do I have breadth?

I think I do: it's just lite breadth is all.