Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ohhhhh Donnnna

Ok this has NOTHING to do with baseball today. I was stopping off at the store to get a couple of things....mundane task as it is....when all of a sudden I hear a familiar song wafting through the store...I stop, listen, and smile. I cannot recall EVER hearing this song in a store while shopping. You see, my mother named me after this song...Richie Valens just made me smile as if someone were looking over me to say "hey no worries girlfriend...I got your back....I know where you are...." Felt like I was being serenaded while shopping...and then it occurs to me that Josh Beckett is pitching son's name is Josh. Tomorrow he comes to live with me again....a grown man living with his mother but it will definitely be different this time. That song about me with Josh pitching...just sorta brought it together for me. I am sure this sounds like rambling to ya but it all makes sense to me.

Watching Josh pitch as we our beloved Trot...striking him out. I realize just as before when Roger left me alone in Boston....I am a Red Sox fan and although Josh Beckett I admire and love as one of the team's favs for me....he'll be a shadow in my rearview mirror if he ever leaves.

No particular purpose today except I just wanted to write. :)


Ted D said...

Tex: got to admit, that since I "met" you and hear that song, I smile a little smile. Of course, my name recalls Anthony Michael Hall's character in 16 Candles, Farmer Ted.

Hopefully, you and Josh can get settled quick: gotta be awkward for a grown son and his Mom to live together after both of you being on your own for so long.

But hey: what a fun Mom to live with!

Tex said...

It was a lift I needed today...funny how the unexpected little things that you don't realize will make you smile.

my son and I have always been close...talking bout anything...very open...non-judgemental.

i hope he can be the same way with me cos that's what Im more afraid of...him being over protective of me

Ted D said...

Speaking as a son, I don't think we ever lose that wanting to protect our Mom. Just talk with him and I'm sure you'll be fine.

You sound a little down: got the "been on vacation and don't want to go back to work" blues?

Tex said...

am I THAT easy to read??? its more like "been on vacation aNd wanna go back on it again" feeling

Ted D said...

You'll get back in the swing of things soon: Ang and the kids leave Saturday for a week at the beach with her folks. I know I'll miss them, but I'm REALLY looking forward to the quiet and the alone time!

Tex said...

well ive had several years of quiet