Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dynamic Duo

Batman and Robin were the originals. But if you're talking about the Red Sox, most people think of these two.

But not last night. The two Rookies are fast taking over in the spotlight in this World Series and for that matter this year's play-offs.
Dustin and Jacoby. Pedroia and Ellsbury. Munchkin and TacoBoy. Whichever name you call them, they are making names for themselves in the baseball world. They are setting the table for the Boston Red Sox fans to feast on.

Both had 5 ABs. Neither K'd or Walked. Dustin got 3 hits, Jacoby got 4. The numbers just speak for themselves....VOLUMES. Dustin had 2 singles and a double while Jacoby had a single and 3 doubles. Each had 2 ribbies while Dustin had 1 run and Jacoby had 2. Dustin's been here all year, he's scrappy and bringing lots of excitement but post-season he has just broke out. Then Ellsbury comes up from the farm and DaYUM...them farm hands make you smile with all their energy. These boys are setting the table with the finest china I ever ate on.

And yah I know we won that game with more than their runs. Lowell and DiceK provided 2 ribbies each. YES I said DICE-K provided 2 ribbies with a single at bat. Tek and Tiz gave us the other 2. It was a game....a loooooooooooong game. So today's Game 4 and possibly this Series could be over if this young man can bring his best stuff tonight. Lester has won a much bigger game this past year, but tonight would really just be icing on the cake. A cake that Manny just doesn't want to eat quite yet.

Excerpt from story: Leave it to Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez to put the current state of affairs in proper perspective. "We don't want to eat the cake first, before your birthday," said Ramirez. "We've got to wait and see what's going to happen [in Game 4]."


Ted D said...

Tex, I was thinking about that this morning: how nice is it to know that not only do we have Pedroia and Ellsbury locked up, but also Daisuke, Papelbon, Youkilis, MDC, Bucholtz, etc... for the foreseeable future?

Youth is being served.

Tex said...

it taste better when you grow your own

Ted D said...

Are we still talking about ballplayers? Or did you swerve way off the track? ;)

Tex said...

::rolls eyes::

Farm system Ted. yes what in the world ELSE would i be talking about?