Saturday, October 27, 2007

Who's On First...What? no he's on 2nd.

Yah I know what you're thinking...oh anyone could have come up with that catchy phrase for a blog with the debate over playing Tiz or Youk on 1st base in Denver. And then you throw Mikey in the mix cos Youk can cover 3rd. However, how can you NOT post about this? AND how you can you NOT use this cliche? Soooooo

Ortiz or Youk or Mikey? Of course we all know Tito has went with Tiz to play 1st and Mikey to play 3rd in Game 3. What I love is a quote I read from the Globe:

Youkilis insists he's fine with all this. "It doesn't bother me," he says. "I want to play, but I totally understand the situation. Look, I'm doing everything I've always wanted to do. I'm playing in a World Series. I'm playing every day. I'm happy. I just want to win. We all do. All three guys are pulling for each other. If I have to take a seat, that's just the way it has to be."

They are team players. They just want to get it done. I mean think about it....did we seriously think at the beginning of the season that we'd even HAVE this dilemma of Which one to play?? We had no clue that Youk was gonna Bust OUT this season as well as Senor Doubles with his RBI stats appearing. I like these odds. I know David has his knee issues....but do ya really believe that Tito or David would risk losing a game JUST so David Can Play?? IF YOU DO...then so be it. I am not by no means a Tito apologist....but I believe that at this level, Tito knows what he is doing and he has a plan. That is to ride down Boylston Street on another Duck Boat.

It's less than 10 hours away from Game time. So get to the store and buy your snacks and drinks. Hunker down on your easychair, couch or bed. Sit back and Enjoy cos it's Game 3 of the 2007 World Series about to commence. Oh maybe you should grab an oxygen mask....just in case for those moments when DiceK is at bat :)

Let's Go RED SOX! ClapClap ClapClapClap


Ted D said...

I'm suing you for stealing my idea! :)

I'm with you, if Papi didn't think he could play, he wouldn't jeapordize the team by playing.


Stacy said...

Sounds like everyone would rather win than whine about who gets to play in the NL games. THAT'S a team in my book.

Go Sox!

Tex said...

the similarity between the 2004 team and 2007 team is their intense bonding as a team: the smacktalking on Pedroia, the bullpen pirate and band, manny patting Taz's head, etc.

its different...but the same.

Ted D said...

Tex, did you see the quote from Youk? I'm paraphrasing, but "If you're worried about whether you are playing right now, you are on the wrong team" or something close.

The boys are locked and loaded.

Tex said...

Ted im not sure what other quote you're talking about. I put the quote from Youk I read and just saw him say on this post.