Sunday, October 21, 2007

Together Again!!!

It all started tonight with this ex-Red Sox player, Kevin Millar, Number 15, mentioning during line-ups allowing Pedroia to use his number. Millar off the 2004 World Series team throws out the 1st pitch. That in itself got me all psyched up.

Having Billy Mueller last night and now Kevin Millar? What greater World Series mojo could be better than that?? Having Millar do a commercial segment rooting us on on FOX.

So ya know what Indians go ahead and call anyone you want to sing the National Anthem...cos nothing can stop this team and the mojo going. Tonight Dustin came up big for us! A 3 Run double and a 2 run HR! He was Player of the Game for sure!!! And then there's Josh Beckett. He's earned MVP for the Series and rightly so winning both of his starts over the Indians.

And now we head to the World Series...a trip down memory lane for many. Watching these fools dancing on the field, getting sloshed by budlight, smoking those hot cigars, and smiling ear to ear. I'm just happy. Looking at Fenway there are still loads of fans there. This road to October has been a long hard one. We jumped out there in first and remained for almost the entire time. Shared best record in the American League with the Indians....and today the Best Team won the right to represent the American League in the World Series. Now the focus changes...let's just enjoy it once again. Do we believe? Hell Yah!

I just know the next few nights will be spent in preparation to watch the Series. and ya know Dane Cook is right. There IS only ONE October....and it's being played in Boston.


HorshamScouse said...

I never thought I'd live so long!
What an effin' game and what an effin' team. How far is Denver from Wellington?

beckperson said...

::riverdances up one side and down the other of Tex's blog, salutes everyone, moves on::

Ted D said...

Tex, very nice post tonight: I was too excited after last night to do anything but watch all the post game stuff.

It's hard to believe they are back in the WS after only 3 years, especially after the end of last season.

Thumbs up to Theo and the front office for putting this team together, and a bigger thumbs up to the players for coming through in the clutch.

beckperson said...

Tex, I love the picture on your masthead! Was that NOT the best thing you saw at the end of Game 7?


Ted D said...

I haven't seen Tek smile like that since he jumped in Foulke's arms in 2004.

Tex said...

wait is that foulke?

Ted D said...

Is Becks and the picture Foulke, or is Tek jumping in Paps arms Foulke, or is Foulke just Foulke?

Foulke, I'm confused.