Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It Can Still Happen

So it all comes down to this. Beckett takes us to orgasms Friday.....while Schilling, Daiske and Wake get no love from the boy's bats. We're down 3-1...Thursday is The Decider. Lots of controversy whether Beckett should have pitched tonight. Tensions running hot and heavy even between Sox fans....crying for who's fault it is. My take:

Sometimes...the better team is not who is playing better all through the season. The better team is who is playing the best in October. The Indians and the Red Sox tied for best record...but these last few nights the Indians have brought all of their A games to the park. I will say Saturday the boys played hard and long...but it seemed Monday and tonight, it just wasn't coming. Do I believe there's still a chance??? You BETCHA! Do I think Beckett can win this?? YOU BETCHA! Do I think it's gonna take more than Pitching to win it?? YOU BETCHA!!!

So boys...I would appreciate it if you'd rub some of that 2004 stardust on your balls (the baseballs I mean), play some of that magic music in the clubhouse, put on those rally caps and bang the bullpen water bottles slowly....WE NEED a Win so we can bring it back to Beantown.


Ted D said...

Tex, agree 100%: I believe in Beckett.

I also agree with you that sometimes the best team doesn't win: that Indian team is getting good pitching, timely hitting, and doing all the right things. It's going to take some great play by the Sox plus some luck for us to crawl back in this thing.

I'll be there until the end.

beckperson said...

And you know what? I've had enough of the freakin' Indians getting all the freakin' breaks. Time to switch up the karma, don't you think?

Who the hell knows what's going to happen? But here's hoping for some luck coming our way - we deserve it. :)

Ted D said...

Becks is ranting: I love it!!!

Yeah, breaks for the Red Sox!!!

Keep fighting the man Becks!