Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Race of a different Color

Feeling wretched after last night's game I awoke deciding to post on something to distract myself and others....something then I remembered it was October which makes me think of Cindy. She was this girl I knew back when I lived in Giddings, Texas and worked as a juvenile probation officer. She and I shared a couple of things....we both worked in the criminal justice field and we were both single parents. We also shared in our love to laugh. Cindy was fun and funny. I left Giddings after only a couple of years and continued to visit her but was horrified to hear the news she had breast cancer. She fought hard but with grace...and lost. She left behind a sweet little boy.

Which brings me to why I'm posting. I've never been really fond of the color's so girly. And alot of times in baseball when pink hats are worn,'s just not right to some of us :)

Pink...a color Nancy Brinker selected when creating her organization in search for a cure for Breast Cancer in honor of her sister, Suzy Komen. For anyone who hasn't really researched or checked into the background of why or how this was thought of, you really should. I experienced my own scare a few years back before moving to Austin. I was going for my annual gynocologist visit and always do the self-check....when I felt it...something odd and unusual and not normal. After being referred to a specialist and doing the more advanced check....I had surgery and a large lump was removed from one of my breasts. Without going into all the all ended good. But it was a scare nonetheless...and made me think of life, love and living. My nephew had been killed a couple of months earlier in the year...9-11 was the year before.....I decided that our time was short here and I wanted to live....but that's another story.

Today I sit and realize that I had these plans and goals of what I wanted to do about how to make what Cindy went through matter....and I haven't did them. I promise now in front of you all....I will become involved in this Race for a Cure. To quote from the story Nancy Brinker wrote "Could one person really make a difference?" YES, they Can.


Ted D said...

Tex, that is a great post. Thanks for sharing your particular story, and I'm VERY grateful all is well: makes me sad to think we may have never gotten to be friends. My mom scared us all about 6 years ago, and thankfully like you, everything was OK.

With a wife, daughter, mother, and 3 sisters, this male agrees with you 100%.

Nice job of going deep, yet not requiring me to put on my hip waders. ;)

HorshamScouse said...

Very moving post, Tex. I've been blessed in that I've never had a close encounter with cancer, either personally or in my close family. I second what Ted said, it's great to know you.

Beth said...

I am honored to be called "Kelly's Sidekick"! Thanks!!