Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shipping Back to Boston

109 pitches, 8 innings, 11 K's, 1.93 ERA. It was just a night of Beckett being Beckett. Stellar, stupendous, brilliance, outstanding, standing O, dropASSkicking beautiful. There was this little incident between Josh and Lofton. It appears that Josh wasn't happy with something that Kenny did at the he yells something out to Kenny on his way to 1st...they exchanged ##%$@@^&** and then once Kenny arrived at 1st base...and flew out...he turned to the mound and headed towards Beckett. Benches cleared....Lowell stepped in. It's all punches thrown or any actual fight...well there was this fight about who was going to win the game.
Pre-game antics: Apparently one of Josh's many ex-girlfriend was scheduled to sing the National Anthem...but the Indians swear they didn't know her she is just a good ole Ohio girl. ok whatever....if they were thinking it was gonna rattle Josh's cage, WRONG. Josh collects ex's like he collects deerheads he mounts on his wall.
Pre game commercial had Kevin Millar rooting on the was absolutely CuteNESS!!! Just made me smile and remember 2004. Was that a moment of clarity? I know some have been repeating that Millar phrase when we were down 3 games with the Yankees that year..."Don't let us win" he said....well, to have Kevin there rooting us was destiny, fate
or like I think Beckett Kicked ASS.


Ted D said...

Tex, how awesome was that Millar thing? I missed it before the game, but saw the link someone put up at SG: too funny!

Lowell jumping to Becketts aid last night was great, although JPB didn't look to concerned!

The Indians just gave the condemed team hope: that's a dangerous thing.

To quote George McFly: "It's our density"

Tex said...

Destiny is what happens to you

I am finally coming to the conclusion that the Red Sox are taking matters into their own hands and Making It Happen

Ted D said...

I'll go with that as well.

And it's not Destiny: it's Density.