Thursday, October 25, 2007


So according to Taco Bell's Contest, if a player stole a base, everyone in America would get a free taco. Well lookie above...its Taco Boy. Jacoby stole a base and won us dinner!!

Schill just said "It was the Papel-Jima Show tonight" How EFFING Cool is that?

Just a few of my favorite "things". :)

Great Pick OFF By YOUK!


Ted D said...

Very nice job moving the pictures around Tex.

::pats self on back since I taught her that move::

Tex said...

::rolls all over floor laughing::

Ted D said...

Are you insinuating I didn't help you figure out how to do that?

I still have the email saved: I was thinking of having it laminated and framed.

Tex said...

it just made me laugh. no insinuation.

Ted D said...

Well, quit laughing!