Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beckett is BACK!!

You see that boy pitching? That BOY is a full fledge EAST TEXAS BOY where they grow pitchers like wildflowers. Beckett took the mound last night and took back his place in the rotation as if he wasn't even gone. Not pitching in a game for 15 days and returning like Pitching 7 innings and striking out 7 as well. His 8th Win for the season. And like any good Texas boy should do, he was humble as quoted in the Globe:
"If you can take anything good out of that seventh inning, it's that my finger didn't blow up on me," Beckett said. "The bullpen came in and did a great job. We scored enough runs."
But as anyone knows a Texan boy does NOT whine or moan about any blister or avulsion...he gets out there and just does his job.
Beckett is Back !!
**Now who the heck is this pitcher the Yankees have coming in?? **


Ted D said...

That Yankee pitcher? The one who doesn't have enough marbles to come back at Fenway, but in CHICAGO? I forget his name.

This team is on a serious roll: that is the 2nd best team in the AL they have beat the past 2 nights.

Glad to see you are blogging more Tex: it's always welcome. Still home: thought I had turned the ole' corner last night, but not yet. Ang has me quarantined in the bedroom!

KAYLEE said...

I am glad hes back:)

KAYLEE said...
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Tex said...

well dont be bringing that crap to us!!! I got things to do, people to see and games to watch!!!

Ted D said...

Hopefully I'll be cleared medically by then Tex: it is 3 months from now, so unless this thing is the bubonic plague, we should be good.

Tex said...

Im going to see the Reds vs Stros tomorrow night! Gonna see Arroyo pitch too!! :) Im abit excited about it...although their bullpen area is hard to see for visitors