Thursday, May 10, 2007


They happen
We can accept them
Or ignore them.
It isn’t relevant if
You’re ready,
They happen.
You can recognize
Them, embrace them,
Make them yours,
Own them
Or you can discount them
Then be tossed aside.
You can be prepared
Ready to take
A stance,
Or you can defy them.
Changes will come
They will happen
You can choose
To disregard them,
Stick your head in the
Pretend they’re not here.
But she’ll rise up
And make herself known
She’ll kick the chair
Our from under you.
She’ll pluck the cherry
From your sundae
She’ll drink your last beer
And wake you up
From a deep laden sleep.
But make no mistake,
Change will come
Change will happen

To you or with you.

**No reason for this post...just a random thought and one of my most recent poems.


KAYLEE said...

nice poem TEX!:-)

Tex said...

thanks Kaylee...miss ya!

KAYLEE said...

haha yeah trying to keep up with school:-) i get out the 24th though.cant wait.

scott h said...

Yep Tex, Cha cha cha changes.

HorshamScouse said...

What Scott said. And where are the life preservers:)

Ted D said...

I. Hate. Change.

Still it happens though, so I guess I'd better learn to deal with it.

Very nice post Tex: I know you've dealt with alot of change the past few years and I must say you wear it well.

Have a great day.:)

Stacy said...

I'm with Ted. I don't do so well with change. Family thing, I guess.

But you're right; it's coming and we best embrace it and look for the good in it.

Great post, Tex.

KAYLEE said...

i dont like change either but,I have to deal with it alotin life.I do like the money kind though(sorry had to throw that in)!