Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Jules

Julian Tavarez...not someone I was totally thrilled with when we got him. I just recalled his tantrum in a dugout punching out a phone. I mean WHO hits a phone?? So of course we come up with all our nicknames for him: Norm, Psycho, Batshit, but after it's all said and done....Taz has allowed us to see another side of him and we like it. I don't recall when it was...but sometime between March 2nd and last week....I fell in love with his smile, his jokes and I started thinking of how he sort of reminded me of Kevin Millar....the jokester of the team. Oh and he got another win tonight for us!!

The game started off with a bang with Manny getting No. 477 putting us on the board with a 3 run lead in the 1st before Taz even took the mound. Sounded like a good plan to me....all we asked for before this game started was someone to pack the Runs and bring them to the field.

We're still ahead of the Yankees and in 1st place.

**A shout-out to my good friend and blogger Ted of the Red Sox Dad blog...he'll be turning an old 37 on Wednesday....someone get him a cane and rocker! :)


KAYLEE said...

Nice win we got for him....he pitched good tonight too!

Ted D said...

Wait a minute: are you making fun of me?

37 is no big deal Tex: Come see me when I hit 40! Great win tonight by the boys: don't let them Yankees get comfy.

And I've got a feeling Schilling will be good and fired up tomorrow.

I just want to bury the Yankees and put them to the back of my mind.

And Thank you Sis: The Happy Birthday wishes are much appreciated.

Tex said...

MOI? make fun of YOU?? never :)

this win has got to have fired up the boys!

bury the yankees?? I want them to feel the pain...of what it's like being in 2nd place and not able to even make the Wild Card