Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Breathe...its just one game Silly

Well I guess you can tell by Daiske's pic, it wasn't a good night. But we can't win 'em all....but we're still on top and the Yankees are still at the bottom. Things look good through the 4th with us ahead 2-0. Allowing 2 runs scored in the 5th to tie...but in the 6th, he got lit up with 4 more. In the 8th Lowell hit a 2 run homerun..but it wasn't enough as The Tribe scored 2 more in the top. But all is well in baseball land. No reason to panic...tomorrow is June...2 months of baseball gone and the Sox have had the best month of baseball ever it seems.

A day off for the boys while I head to Houston to watch Bronson pitch for the Reds against the Stros. Another Rivalry Weekend of games between the Spankees and Sox to begin on Friday. Positive Vibes to the boys!!


Ted D said...

Who are you calling silly, silly?

I know you can't win them all, but man I'd sure like to. Hope you have a great day Tex.

Stacy said...

Tex, poor Dice-K looks a little perplexed. You're right; you can't win them all, but they sure are winning a LOT! :)