Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Just One Game..

Yes I know who that is....but when I saw this pic it made me stop and realize....although we fans HATE the Yankees...many of the players of both these teams are friends. We forget that it's a career for them....and they're just working to make a living. I hated losing to the Yankees reason cos Wakefield still got no Run Support...and the other ..well its the MF Yankees!!
One of my newest favs is pitching tomorrow....Taz...Norm, Psycho....but it's all in an affectionate tone we call him those last two. Taz has grown on our hearts and sleeves. I really hope he wins the game...for us and for HIM. It was an UGLY game and on top of it, I had a choice of either listening to the YES or ESPN announcers instead of Remy and Don. At least when our games are stinking up the field....we can ALWAYS depend on Remy to liven the show up with his antics and then Don...well Don's laughing at Remy can get quite hilarious and catching.
Tomorrow's another day...and we're still in 1st place and 9.5 games up from the Yankees. Runs i say we NEED RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ted D said...

Tex, you are messing with my less than firm grip on reality: 2 posts in one day? I'm looking for a corner where I can curl up into the fetal position.

Us fans may want them to throw down every chance they get, but you picture tells the truth: it's business for the majority of them.

And I'm OK with that: there is already to much hate in the world.

That said, I hope Julian puts one in Slappy's earhole tomorrow.

Sorry, I'm not exactly a pacifist.

Tex said...

I am waiting on Taz's Norm persona to come through today...and Manny's bat to heat up...Damon to fall on his ass...Slappy to make a couple of errors...and someone brings a gun to kill a moose...and SOMEONE for God's SAKE..PACK THE EFFING RUNS!!!!!!!

Stacy said...

Tex, are you saying you want to see some runs tonight? :)

I don't think I've seen Crazy Julian pitch, but Ted tells me it's a riot.

Tex said...

Someone packed the RUNS WOOO HOOO

Ted D said...

Texas, you are a star at a certain gentleman from New Zealand's blog!

You gotta go to Horsham's blog and check it out!

Tex said...

oh my GOSH!!! I cant believe he put up my pic!!!! LOL!!! very cute..but im having trouble trying to post on his

KAYLEE said...

great pitching by Julian and the bulllpen tonight.I only saw the 9th inning though cause i actually studied:)

Mattie said...

Sweet redemption. I had to read how the Yankees were "just 9 1/2 games back" today. Are you KIDDING me?!!! Yeah, it's May, but it was just one game. And, thanks to Crazy Jules, we're back to 10 1/2 games up on 'em. You gotta love it.