Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Now I wrote a poem shortly after Youk came up for the first time....it was inspired by his Homerun he hit...however after last nights Inside the Park HomeRun...I feel compelled to post it again. YOUK...You Da Man!

The Rookie

Stepping into the box
But not on the plate,
The boy searches for a way
Back home.
A five-tool player waiting
to enter the Big Show
for more than a cup of joe.
Walking, running, stealing, hoping
For another’s mistake
to help him along the way.
Facing the green wall, then
into the eyes of old-timers
anxious to hold on to their glory.
Ducks on a pond
crouched like tigers
waiting for an opportunity to
come home.
Surrounded by men watching
His moves, his stance, his swing.
Feeling boxed in, he looks
for a way out.
In a park where thousands sit
and nine men play against one,
shines a diamond
to where his future may go.
Out of the bullpen and onto
The mound, a Fireman
faces the boy.
Arms cocked, bat
in the
air, changeup
or a slider?
a step and wood
connects with leather,
a crack deafening to
the masked men’s ears.
Watching the rookie’s future
sail over the Closer, the dirt, the bags,
But not the Monster.
Inside the park grand slam.
Bringing in his first steaks,
to The Show.


KAYLEE said...

Nice poem but,he aint a rookie is hr?

KAYLEE said...


Mattie said...

Tex, thanks for sharing the poem with us. I love reading your stuff! Still cwan't believe you're a poet!!!!

Tex said...

kaylee he was a rookie when I wrote the poem

thanks Mattie for the compliment but why cant you believe Im a poet? you dont think Red Sox fans can have literary abilities?

KAYLEE said...

oh okay...My mind is a littke skow sometimes:)

Ted D said...

Tex, I "Cwan't" believe you are a poet either.

Just kidding: had to crack on peat moss a little.

Very nice, and remember: the first signed book is MINE.

Tex said...

Ted I will sign it
"To my lil adopted bro' whose as crazy bout the Red Sox as I am"
Tex :)

So if I do this...even publish my own book...think anyone would buy one of them??

Mattie said...

Tex, nothing personal about not believing you're a poet...I guess I'm judging you off of your kindred-ness with my bro! He is most defnitely NOT a poet!