Saturday, May 12, 2007

Her Legacy: Unconditional Love

Today's post is to honor my Mom. My mother didn't achieve any business success. She didn't receive any college degree, heck she didn't even finish high school. She isn't a CEO, CPA, or LPC. She doesn't have any records in the Guinness Book or made President. But you see I learned a long time ago that all those things doesn't matter because the most important thing in a kid's life was having Unconditional Love from their parents. So today I am honoring my mother's legacy of which she is leaving while she is still living.....Her Legacy of Unconditional Love.

My mother gave me freedom to be me....she didn't stop me from laughing and smiling and cutting up. If nothing else, she encouraged my humor because my mom had the most infectious laugh. She didn't giggle...she LAUGHED and LOUD!!!! When most parents frowned upon droves of kids having mom encouraged them. She was the LIFE of my parties. When I was older, several of my friends commented to me that they were always so excited when I had a sleepover cos my Mom made the party so much fun. My Mom taught me that laughter was the best medicine when things weren't going well. Laughter could get you through even the darkest times and make the best times seem even better.

My Mom gave me love....unconditional love. No matter what choices her children or grandchildren have made...she is there to love, not judge. She taught me that you love your child NO MATTER NO MATTER. She didn't teach me this by telling me....she taught me this By Example. I think if you asked my son if I am leaving that same legacy to him...his answer would be "Hell Yah". Each year I search and search for the perfect card for Mother's Day....I want it to say what I feel...not just the hokey stuff. My Mom called this afternoon after receiving her card....and said to me, "So how long did you look for THIS card??" She knows me so well :)

I leave you with this short poem...for those who 'think' they know me...find out they don't know me at all until they read my poetry. Two things well four things in my life are who I am: My son, My parents, baseball and poetry....IN that order.

Unconditional Love

A mother’s love
holds your pain
Embracing you
wrapping around
Your heart
Soaking up all
The hurt and dirt
From your soul
So that when you
Grow up you
find Yourself.
**ps sending unconditional love to my son, josh


KAYLEE said...

great post. If there is one thing I have learned it is our moms are not as bad as we make them out to be when we are kids:-)Now I still am a kid but I was alot meaner to her when I was littler than I am now!

Tex said...

kaylee...our parents are smarter than we give them credit for. I hope you are doing ok...been wondering about ya cos dont see ya on SG board no more.

KAYLEE said...

Yeah I am fine I read what you guys write over there but,I havent posted alot lately actually reading it now:-)

Ted D said...

Very nice Tex: you tell your Mom I said she did a great job.

Sorry you can't be with her tomorrow, and I want you to know I admire you and ALL the mom's who sacrifice for their children.

And I know Josh knows he's got one of the good ones.

Happy Mothers Day Texas.

Tex said...

thanks Ted. I like to think so.

Ted D said...

I KNOW so.

Stacy said...

Great post, Tex. Your Mom sounds like a special lady, and I don't think the apple fell too far from the tree. I've never met you, but I bet you love to laugh, too!

Happy Mother's Day!

KAYLEE said...

happy mothers DAY!

Tex said...

thanks kaylee..hope you spent yours doting on your mom

KAYLEE said...

Oh yeah I did!

KAYLEE said...

GREAT game tonight...matsuzaka pitched very well:-)