Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gagnẻ: our newest Texan

Hi I’m from Texas but most on the SG board say I’m from Canada. It all began one night innocently (well naïve may be more accurate) on the board explaining where both of my parents were from. My mother’s family all hailed from deep Louisiana…which has heritage from Nova Scotia when the French were exiled. My father is from South Carolina whose family traces back to Nova Scotia roots. I believe it was Nancy (do you hear a common thread yet in instigations of rumors on the board yet?) that said something about me being from Canada. And then the saga began… I said, I am from Texan, born and raised but with French heritage. I love to root on the Texan players on the Red Sox team and bring my Texas flag to fly at games. So of course I was disappointed but understood sending Murphy with his bags packing back to Texas in exchange for Eric Gagne, our newest Bartender (i.e. Set-Up Man) or better known on the SG comment section as The Hoser. SO of course, I find it ironic that a Texan goes a packing and here comes a French Canadian….and my first question posed to the board was “So can I fly my flag for him?” HEY….ya can’t blame a Texas gal for trying ya know.

Although I didn’t get to watch the game today….I love looking at these pics of him…and can’t wait to hear his accent during a presser. I am sure between his Canadian accent and Josh’s dropping f-bombs….I’ll be right at home.


Ted D said...


Tex, you fly that flag whenever you feel like it.

And I'm as excited about Beckett and Gagne as you are! I'm as pumped for Gagne's 3 moth time here as anyone we've had come through here,

Tex said...

ya know...i havent even been able to get that video to play the entire laughing at the two tell me...i guess my voice is recorded on this damn video and that is why ya keeping laughing?

Ted D said...

Yes Tex: your voice is recorded when you go down to dance with them.

It is really funny stuff, you hollering with mock indignation at these two youngsters causing you to spill "MAH BEER".

Very funny stuff: and I can't WAIT to meet you!

Tex said...

OK my computer finally just worked....and NOW I get why all are laughing at me...and ALL this time I thought they were talking about Neena and Crissy :)

and really I am NOT always that much fun ;)

Ted D said...

Tex, I tried to comment but for some reason, it stopped me.

Don't worry about it: you were the star of the video. Very cute how you reprimanded the youngsters on making you spill your drink!

KAYLEE said...

HAha love the post!

beckperson said...

Hey Tex, I was looking for the post in your blog with the poem you had written years ago. I wanted to re-read it (and any other poems you had written). Can you email or put the link in your posts?

Thank you! Hope you're enjoying your time with the parents. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tex!

I saw your link on TedD's (Redsoxdad) blog. It's nice to "meet" you. For the record, we have friends who, if you ask if they are American, will tell you NO! We're Texan! I thought you'd get a hoot out of that!
If you're from Canada at all, you're sure to appreciate Corner Gas coming out on Sept 17th. It's small town Saskatchewan humor only I'm sure it will apply to anyone who knows anything about small town life.