Sunday, August 05, 2007

14 - 9 - A Pick Off

Joshua Patrick Beckett: Pitcher for Boston Red Sox, Texas boy, Muy Grande Hunter, brash and cocky, pottymouth when pushed, blisters, fastball, mature...yes I said mature.

I'll be glad to get home to Austin so I can start watching the boys play again. I hated missing the game today....mainly cos Josh was starting. I hate missing any of the games, but particularly when the Texas boy takes the mound. I missed his 14th Win of the season. Apparently it was a doozy and the he didn't have to worry about the boys hitting in fucking runs for him tonight...they did. Beckett fanned 9 Mariners in 6 2/3 innings. And apparently Beckett surprised Ibanez tonight...picking him off 2nd base ending the 3rd inning. But it's not all about Beckett....someone had to score those runs that won the game 9-2. Ortiz even stole his 2nd base due to the Mariners forgetting someone needed to cover the base. Manny hit his 19th homerun bringing in 2. Drew got a triple scoring Tiz. Oh yeah, Coco got run over by the Mariners mascot's all terrain vehicle while he was coming out of the dugout...Coco acted as if he was gonna fight him....but it's all in a day's work on the ballfield.

Austin bound tomorrow morning....and it can't get here fast enough.


Ted D said...


First off, travel safe. Second, you missed a marathon game today. Watching paint dry takes less time than Batista does between innings.

Beckett was great, as you've read, and the pick off play was awesome. Drew hitting the triple came out of nowhere, and Cora made the Web Gem of the year.

I'm more excited about the series win vs a very good team: hopefully we can carry it over in Anaheim the next 3 days.

I hope you had a nice time with your folks this week, and that Josh is doing well. (Your Josh).

Be good,


Tex said...

Glavine just won his 300th and helped me (i think) beat our #1 team in my fantasy league :)

edgeofdesign said...

I hope you have a safe trip home too. Do I have to be a Red Sox fan to post on your site? I'm a little concerned about your answer to say the least. Have you ever heard of the Blue Jays? For what it's worth we'll be Padre fans soon, does that count? Say Hi to Austin for me. We'll be travelling across the northern tip of Texas soon so I'll wave when we get there.

beckperson said...

Hey Tex,
Who is Bucky Dent??

Sorry, couldn't resist. Here's hoping our friend does well tomorrow.

*fingers crossed*