Friday, August 24, 2007

Sweet 16

My boy Beckett got er dun today with his Sweet 16. He didn't bring his sweetest stuff and was having difficulty in where he was supposed to throw the ball....across the plate JOSH! Anyhoo....kept up with the game on Sucky GameDay...and the SG board. I had to leave work before the game was over and while we were winning...I asked one of the SG members (who shall remain nameless for the silly move they did) to text me with any updates. I get home in time for the last 2 outs with Timlin on the least it's a Texan :)
I get on line and find this following statement from "the nameless SG member":

So a co-worker who lives in Austin just called me to find out why I keep texting her (five times) with what looks like scores. Oops. :D Tex, email me your cell # again, OK?


I wish I could say she was a ditz and she normally does this but she isn't. I'm just wishing I could know this other Texan coughJETcough knows here in Austin who is wondering what the hell turnip truck she fell off of. :)

Oh and 2 more weeks Ted...are ya ready for some TEX??? :)


Ted D said...

I'm ready Tex! It's gonna be epic when SG invades Baltimore!

You jetted out of work pretty quick: did you ever get a text?;)

Beckett is the first 16 game winner in baseball, to be joined tomorrow by Timmeh. Who would have thought before the season started that Wake would be battling Beckett for the league lead in wins?

Go Father Curt tonight: SWEEP the pale hose.

Tex said...

oh no text came from JET...she texted but to someone else in Texas LOL!! I cant quit laughing it is SO funny

JET said...

Ha, ha Tex. Funny for you. :D

Apparently I also texted this Vice President around 1 PM today, informed her I was shopping and asked her to text me if the game was delayed or postponed.

JET said...

S'OK Tedders, you're in the clear. I know you had no part in this.

Oh, and of course my texts weren't simply dignified game updates. Noooooo... "9-3! Your boyfriend!!!" type stuff. She told me she thought she had an admirer.

Tex said...

OMP JET!!! I love this story more and more now. Its such a Rebecca thing to do...Rebecca is a friend of mine..and its just the thing SHE would do.

Good times good times

JET said...

I was wondering why you never texted me with an update on whether or not the game would start on time...

Ted D said...

JET, other than feeling bad you were embarrassed by this incident, I am ROFL!

Only Tex can cause things like this to happen!

::hope I don't wind up on America's Most Wanted after Baltimore::

JET said...

//::hope I don't wind up on America's Most Wanted after Baltimore:: //

Hope you do!!! And I mean that with all love and affection. You lot (stolen from Horsham) are sure to get into some crazy hijinx in B'more!

Tex said...

\\Only Tex can cause things like this to happen!//

WHF did I DO????

JET said...

// WHF did I DO???? //

You asked me to text you! After days on end with Sox LOBs and failing to score runs, you ask me to text you with updates on what happens...exactly when the Sox decide to score six runs over two innings.


Tex said...

but Im not the one who saved MY number as some VP :)

jeeeeeeeeez I get blamed for everything ::pouts::

JET said...

//but Im not the one who saved MY number as some VP :)//

Naw, you're right Tex. The stupidity is entirely mine and mine alone.

For your and Tedders extended enjoyment: the folks on her conference call were also in sales management at my company, so I'll at least hear it from a few more folks.

:pours glass of whiiiiine:

Tex said...

oh heck if they cant have a good laugh at it all....and like they've never made a just says you're a well rounded person. I mean to know 2 people from Texas is something else no?

Ted D said...

JET, sorry for laughing at your expense: once you get your new job, you'll appreciate the humor of it all!


JET said...

// I mean to know 2 people from Texas is something else no? //

Like being kissed by the gods.

JET said...

// once you get your new job, //

So in some weird, twisted way, the merciless mocking from both of you has somehow helped take the sting out of it. If ya can't laugh at yourself, you go crazy, right?

Ted D said...

Glad we could help, JET. ;)

beckperson said...

What a funny story JET! A nice way to top off these great wins today!!! Yay sox!

JET said...

Thanks beckperson.
My life is comic relief. ;)