Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's OK....we're in this together

I can just imagine what this conversation involves between Julio and Jules. Probably apologizing for not giving him Run Support...YET AGAIN. Jules didn't do too bad today since he hadn't pitched since June 20th. In 6 innings, he had 2 K's, 2 BB's, and he only allowed 2 Hits and 2 Runs. Snyder pitched 2 innings with 2 K's but allowed one more run. But the surprise was Gagne...we all cringed seeing him come out to the mound but he surprised us all by not allowing a run and Striking OUT 3 batters to get all 3 outs in the 9th. It wasn't enough to save the day though because of course like I say, pitching DOES NOT win a game alone.
Kielty didn't have a huge day at the plate but he definitely showed his stuff in the field right off the bat by robbing a homerun with an over-the-wall catch.
Our gap has been shortened to only 4 games now with the Yankees. Ted, the deal I said would happen if our boys would widen the gapI had is OFF.


Ted D said...

Tex, to be honest, I can't remember what you are talking about. These kids have my brain on permanent fried mode.

Julian did all he could today: this was just one of those days that teams have: we got beat.

Kielty was great, Julian was great, just tip your cap to Saunders and say well done.

I'm not worried: off to the Trop and the Yankees have to fly across country to face these same Angels.

I'm with Denton: it'll be closer to 10 than 4 when we face the Yankees. And with Beckett, Daisuke, and Schill on the hill, I'll take our chances.

Have a great week.

Tex said...

how soon we forget...i said if the gap would widen by Today...I would give up beer till Baltimore...

Ted D said...

Oh yeah:

Seems like last night made that pledge obsolete!

We love you just the way you are Tex: don't ever change!

Just realized today: Baltimore begins 3 weeks from yesterday!

I'm excited, and corn meal is scared out of his mind about the SG get together!

Tex said...

awwwwww Mattie needs to relax. But make sure you tell him serious discussion are not allowed at Sliders or at games and DEFINITELY NOT WHILE I AM DRINKING :)

Ted D said...

Consider it done, Tex.

I think he'll be too scared to talk!

beckperson said...

Tex, thanks for posting the Kielty catch. I missed it yesterday somehow and didn't catch any replays on TV because I tend to avoid TV after a loss. I know, I'm not a good loser.

Anyhooooo, tell Mattie not to worry about Tex. My husband survived her with little/no preparation and so will he! She is NOT a one-trick pony. Tex has LOTS of sides to her, ya know. ;-)

Ted D said...

Believe me becks, I know Tex is a reniassance (sp?) woman.

We are going to have a blast.

HorshamScouse said...

**corn meal is scared out of his mind about the SG get together!**

That I can relate to!