Sunday, August 12, 2007

I do NOT like Seafood anymore

You may be perplexed at the two pics I chose today. But if you're a die-hard Red Sox'll understand. But for those who can't solve the ya go. The guy underneath the pile getting pounded is Kevin Millar, 1st baseman for the Orioles....and an ex-Red Sox player. Millar hit a Walk-Off today for his team today...and it doesn't matter how many runs it scored except for his stats....the O's beat us again. Many keep blaming Gagne for our losses....but it's not Gagne who doesn't get the runs before he comes in. Gagne is taking full blame for his performance but it appears that the players are backing him up...not blaming him at all.
Now about those may be wondering if I chose it because the games were in Baltimore...near the coast...NOPE. Guess again....Men Left On Base...LOBsters as we like to call them. That is one of the reasons we keep losing...we aren't scoring enough runs....and now the Spankees are only 4 games back. FOUR! It's August 12th....COME ON what is going on??? I am not giving up on my boys so soon....I'm with them to the end...but they have GOT to step it up and I think they know it.


Ted D said...

I used to like Lobster: now I can't stomach it.

Freaking guys standing on base when the inning ends is NOT what I want to see.

Gagne has stunk, yes. But he isn't leaving men on 2nd and 3rd to end an inning. The bats need to wake up and realize that the MFY's are in the rear view mirror.

Myself: I think we have a 7 game lead come next Sunday night. The Yankees are due for a fall.

Tex said...

I hope you're right Ted. I'll miss a couple of games due to teaching at nights. I DO NOT want to see the spanks get even tied with us NOT EVEN TIED

Ted D said...

From your lips to God's ear, Tex.

I'm hoping for a wire to wire stay in 1st place.

Tex said...

ok Im willing to do the Lent thing and I aint I'll give up beer till Baltimore IF our boys can widen the gap between the striped ones and us this week...SERIOUSLY...
ok night

Ted D said...

Tex, you are giving up beer?

::turns into Chicken Little::

The Sky is falling, the Sky is falling!

Just kidding. :)

Mattie said...

I think Tex just ushered in the 7 sign of the apocolypse.

Tex said...

ok ya dont think I can do it?? Oh Ye of little faith :)

Ted D said...

I think you can do it, Tex.

Matt's a tree hugger: what does he know?