Saturday, August 11, 2007

Did I mention Beckett is from Texas?

Well it's been abit since I've blogged...i think Beckett was the topic. :) Eight K's, 15th Win, and a cocky attitude to boot. He pitched 8.2 innings...almost got the entire game but after Tejada scored....Tito took him out...tell me why wouldn't Tito take out Gagne last night? The only thing I'm sad about is I didn't get to see it....fucking FOX and their contracts.
Josh Beckett: Commander of the Fuck You Brigade, Killer of the O's, Whup-Ass Kicker and a Starting Pitcher for the Red Sox who happens to hail from my home state of TEXAS.
The worrying and craziness is beginning as we see the Yankees inch upon our rears...but we shouldn't.
Keep the Fair. PV's!! Rally Hoots! ::lets go red sox:: and all those SG quirks we have....put them into place.


Tex said...

I hope this works and brings my post up.

Ted D said...

It worked Tex!

You know I'm gonna do a Beckett post, so I checked yours first to make sure we hadn't picked the same picture: for once, we didn't!

You missed a great game by Beckett. Through the first 8 innings he was as good as I've seen him in Boston.

Being considered as being in the O's market FINALLY worked out OK, since I got to see the game today.

Hope you have a nice rest of the weekend.

Tex said...

this is so weird but when I pull up my won't show this I got to my Edit Posts and I am posting on it from here. Cant figure it out. But if you can see it then it must be ok
hated i missed his 15th Win.

Ted D said...

Tex, will your blog come up at all?

And this one won't? That is just weird: mine wouldn't come up period the other day, so this is a new one.

Have you tried going to blogger help and seeing if they suggest anything?

Tex said...

my blog comes up but it's the Aug 9th one. I go to Edit Posts and its there with comments and when I click on it there I can see it and post comments....but when I save it again...then ask to view shows the Aug 9th one. :(

off to the blogger site to see what the problem is

Tex said...

FINALLY i can see it.

Stacy said...

Beckett is from Texas? :)