Thursday, August 30, 2007

We're still in 1st place

I can just hear Tito: "I tell yew whut...ya'll bums er bout un mah last nerve!" Naw...Tito ain't from the south or even Texas. But I GARahhnTEE ya he was ALL up in their Bizness. Freaking Umps checking his baseball attire??!!! Umps can't call an out they're the Fashion PO-leece??

Jeeeeeeeezzzzz.....we are STILL in 1st place! I just HATE losing to the Damn Yankees :(

Up by 5....and we're back home tomorrow.


Ted D said...

Tex, get your twilight zone music out: I came THIS close to using that picture!

Chose Youk instead: mad I couldn't find one of Beckett after Joba threw at Youk's head. Something tells me someone's getting drilled when Beckett pitches against the MFY's next month.

I look at it like this: last Monday we had a 4 game lead. Today, we have a 5 game lead. Even after getting swept, we have gained a game in the past 10 days.

That can't be a bad thing.

Tex said...

always look at the positive man always

Accepted the job today. Im still not sure what date Im gonna start. I told him I couldnt start till after Baltimore and SotBs visit after mid Sept sometime.

Excited and scared

Ted D said...

Good for you Tex!

Change is scary, but it's also a good thing. I'm proud of you.

beckperson said...

You'll be great, Tex! Hope you're not too busy with the new job in October because there's gonna be some great late-night baseball coming up!

Fair kept.

Ted D said...

//Fair kept.//

I heard you, becks. Just thought you should know. ;)

beckperson said...

It's amazing how a bunch of people who have one small thing in common could have grown to care about each other like family.

I love it...and whoever invented the internets.

::sends hugs to all::

Ted D said...


It really is crazy, isn't it? And what a weird little family we are. ;)

Oh, and I'm pretty sure Al Gore invented the internet.


beckperson said...

I was gonna mention My Man Al, but I figured all I would get is grief from the likes of you! :)

Ted D said...

You know I'm just messin' with you becks!

Hey since Tex has left us alone, you wanna mess with her head and move all the furniture around?

Tex said...

you think Im leave my furniture for you to relax in?? hell I took all the beer too

Ted D said...

Well, you are one horrible hostess.

Tex said...


you KNOW im joking

Ted D said...

::stops sobbing now::