Monday, August 27, 2007

Its Moose Season

Ever wonder what a Down and Defeated looks like?? WELL you're looking at it. Detroit DESTROYED the Spankees. And the Red Sox are just chomping at the bit waiting for their turn.


Mattie said...


You gotta love it.

This ain't last year, I reckon.

Ted D said...

No, little brother, this ain't last year.

It is over. The MFY's are looking at the wild card, and that's it: like I told you earlier, the Mariners scare me more than anybody.

Lord, give me a post season of no Yankees. Have them sitting home wondering what to do with themselves. Jeter has NEVER had to worry about that.

Can you imagine the mental anguish he will have not knowing what to do in October?

The mind races.

Tex said...

this may be what puts george over the edge

HorshamScouse said...

**this may be what puts george over the edge**

I hope he stays sentient long enough to know what is happening to his crumbling empire.

JET said...

I heard this discussed by the sports writers on the baseball show on Sunday. Word from NY supposedly is that George is almost definitely not aware of anything that's going on with the Yankees anymore. He's reported to be in very bad shape due to dementia or alzheimers, his sons (I believe) have taken over day to day operations and the statements that are issued with regularity from him are thought to be from the front office.

Tex said...

im sure it was this season that put him over the edge...either that or Roger put something in his koolaid

KAYLEE said...

hey i love it put eM IN A BIGGER HOLE NOW SOX:)