Tuesday, April 24, 2007


**courtesy of Austin American Statesman

So I was sitting wondering what to write about...since I gotta put the broom back in the closet....and I came upon this article about Papa Jack who is now in Texas with the Astros AAA team in Round Rock, right up the road from me.

Papa Jack has a history with Nolan Ryan when they played together with the California Angels. According to this article, Nolan gave him his nickname after Jackson became a father for the first time.

Papa's contract didn't get renewed after last season...and many of us were so sad to see him go. I found out he was coming here and I plan on heading out to the park this summer to catch up with Papa Jack and hopefully get his autograph. I'll have to get out some of my Red Sox gear for him to sign....and maybe I'll get to show him my tattoo!!

But on to the picture....see that bat in the pic? That ain't no ordinary bat...nope....it came all the way from Boston. That bat helped make history at Fenway. Who's was it?? Well if you're any kind of Sox fan...you'll figure it out before I tell ya. Jimmie Foxx had a 68 year old record for the club of 50 homeruns in a season. One of the Sox boys broke the record on September 22 by blasting numbers 51 & 52 against the Twins winning 6-0. That bat was given to Ron by none other than our loveable David Ortiz....signed by Tiz...he wrote to Papa Jack "to the best batting coach around".

2004 was magic....and for Papa Jack to be a part of that and now be a part of a local Texas team....makes me feel alittle closer to Fenway.


Ted D said...

I miss Papa Jack Tex: him and Millar were the Stan and Ollie of the 2004 team.

Don't know why the team decided he was done: I just know I wish he was still here.

And thanks for not going too deep for me: I need all the help I can get.

KAYLEE said...

I LIKED papa JACk too but I like the new guy too:D

Tex said...

im hoping to get a chance to talk to Papa Jack. he's not as known here...so it should be easy to get to him

HorshamScouse said...

Great post Tex and what seems to be typically generous Papi gesture to Papa Jack.

Would I be picky if I suggested I couldn't see a bat in the pic, just part of the frame of the batting cage?:)

Stacy said...

Tex, that is a very cool post. Ted has been slowly pulling me into the RSN, and I didn't know about Papa Jack. Thanks for a little more Sox history.

Tex said...

thanks Stacy for joining in my blog! I dont always post about the Red Sox....i have a deep end of the pool sometimes like oatmeal

Ted D said...

Well, that makes 4 of us checking your blog out Tex: the 2 serious folks, Corn Muffin and Stacy, and me and Scott!

Stacy said...

Tex, deep end, shallow end; it's all good!