Friday, April 27, 2007

Watch it Go By...

If you're wondering what Mo and Mikey are looking's the end of Mo's reign over the Red Sox as a feared Closer. Yep...Mo was pulled for Myers to be put in tonight..Classic!!! NOW Mo is one of the Yankees I actually like and almost felt bad for him...I said ALMOST. But he's a pffffffft!! But the saddest scene was the empty stands at The Toilet. I couldn't believe as cameras panned across the park....yankee fans were going home...not waiting to see their boys till the end. I have NEVER seen this at Fenway....NEVER. Red Sox fans...true Red Sox fans stay till the very end...they do NOT leave. The game was awesome tonight...Lugo got his first homerun as a Red Sox going 3-4, 3 runs, 3 rbi's and 2 stolen bases and Youk got a 2 run homerun.

And somewhere in the distance I just know I heard Millar rooting for the boys!


HorshamScouse said...

I know what you mean about Rivera. He's been so dominant for so long, it's sad to see him looking so forlorn.

On the other hand... tough sh*t Mo, suck it up!

Best record in baseball. Best road record in baseball. Hope September's as good as April has been.

Tex said...


KAYLEE said...


Ted D said...

Hey Tex: great post. Only time I've ever seen Fenway like that was the last home series last year:

I think everyone's heart was just broke when September was just a lesson in torture.

I'm with Horsham: Here's to great starts and even better finishes.

PS: I hope today goes GREAT for you.