Friday, April 06, 2007

Texas Messed With Wake

Opening Day in Texas was NOT what I expected this year. First of all, it is APRIL....SpringTime!!!!!!! I mean the bluebonnets are in full bloom and Dammit...IT'S APRIL! It is NOT supposed to be 50 degrees, cold and windy!!!

So I left earlier this week on a business trip in the Dallas area...forgetting to check the weather I don't pack ANY sweaters, sweatshirts, coats, Nothing to keep me warm...cos IT IS APRIL FOR GOD SAKE'S! So I get to the park at 8:30am...YES you heard me...8:30AM! I park right across the street from the park for $12....but it pays off at the end of the day(you'll see). I walk around abit and head into the Park's see Ranger Park always has other teams' clothing there SO I was able to buy me a Red Sox sweatshirt! Yay!!! I head to the 3rd base gate where I usually go in at as the visitor's dugout is on that side. I was surprised not many people were there as last year this early....BUT it was Freaking 50 degrees!!!

10AM finally gets here.....get my bag "checked", buy a program, and head to the dugout....along with many others. I was quite disappointed in the players today as no one was stopping to sign. Paps finally stopped, signed 2 kids balls then walked guy kept yelling at players and Tito...a couple of them commented saying they just couldn't. SO at least they acknowledged us. I finally left the area and headed to the visitors bullpen area in hopes of catching Wake warming up with Belli. I'm waiting by the pen....when I get curious by commotion over by the Red Sox dugout...I get out my binoculars...and sure enough, DiceK is Signing!!!!! right by where I WAS!!! PFFFFFFFFT!!!!!

So I'm sitting watching Wake warming....when this Ranger fan behind me insists on harassing Wake to death....I'm rolling my eyes but decide to just ignore it....when all of a sudden, the same voice says VERY LOUDLY, "I guess I'm gonna have to throw a Red Sox fan into the bullpen." I'm thinking to myself "now Dude...I been sitting here ignoring you....but you are really stupid now" I slowly turn and in my sweetest Texas drawl say to him "Go ahead! I'd like to be down there in the Red Sox bullpen" He laughs but notices my accent. I tell him I'm from Texas but I am a Red Sox fan....explain my story and all which impresses him....but since he had to be so rude to Wake...I had to finish it with the piece de resistance: I told him about my Tattoo!!! how the red sox were inside the heart of Texas....he had this awful look on my face..."that's blasphemy!!" I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. He left.

Finally my Ranger friend arrived and we headed out to get her something to eat and find a seat...neither of us wanted to sit in the seats we had bought(they were in the 300 section). So we finally found some seats in Section 41....and got comfortable. Of course the Rangers were back at home and had lost their 1st 3 games of the season....and being at home sometimes motivates a team. I will have to say that Texas does it UP BIG for Opening Day....during the National eagle is released to fly all around the park...very cool. THEN Freaking Fighter Pilots fly DIRECTLY over the park....LOUD as HELL!!!!

But back to the game....I was trying out my new camera but just not in a good position during batting practice or seats to get good ones....but I got my plan worked out to where I'm gonna get tomorrow. In the morning Ill be working on uploading pics....I'll be sharing them with Jere and some here.


KAYLEE said...

Thats what texans like to do:-)

ACTUALLY all teams fans do that a one point in time or another stupid drunk fans:)

Ted D said...

Tex, even though it was cold, and windy, you still got to see Red Sox baseball. And that's ALWAYS a good day.

I can't wait to see the pictures you took! Have fun tonight!

Peter N said...

I'm looking forward to the pics, and the return of those shoes. Which shoes?? The batting shoes that our Sox will wear most of this year! Other than Schill, the pitching has been so so good. And Curt has a chance for atonement tomorrow, Easter Sunday. Happy Easter weekend, TEX.....stay well. Peter N.

KAYLEE said...

JUST saw your pictures on JERE's blog NICE pictures TEX!