Monday, April 09, 2007

I just love Firemen!

I was much too tired to blog last night and had to drive back to Austin this morning straight to work. So...late post about yesterday's game.

Arriving at the park Sunday was in the 40's and sunny. Heading to the dugout, I planted myself in hopes to get good photo opps this time. Peter Gammons was a good few pics of him. The boys started their stretching...japanese media were insanely frantically waiting to film M.D....was pretty funny to watch them run around the field (YES they ran from 1st base area to 3rd base area!) and then there were the Papelbon moments. I know I was there to take ASS pics of Tek for my fellow lady bloggers and SGers, but For Some Reason...I was distracted by Jonathan. He seemed to be in a jovial mood...joking around, laughing and talking alot of sh** to other players. Paps is definitely the "different" player this year. He had on this cold weather snow hat...looking like he was ready to hit the slopes. I'm taking pics of him and just watching his antics...when all of a sudden he is walking away from a group of players...heading towards 3rd base....passes by these 2 TV crew guys holding a HUGE camera...turns immediately and ducks down then Pops UP right IN FRONT OF THE LENS...making the Goofiest Face I've EVER SEEN!!!! Then walks off all cold stone faced... I almost fell over the dugout laughing!!! And the funny thing? NO ONE ELSE SAW THIS!!!!! I SO wish I woulda gotten THAT pic!

It's amazing that this kid named Papelbon from Louisiana...who is obviously such a kid at heart....can turn into this Freaking StoneColdASS Closer who shuts down the Rangers to ensure Schilling his W. Now I don't take nothing from Tiz's 2 Homeruns, but last year Paps begin his career as a Closer in Texas and it was like watching someone who had been doing it for years. Texas was good to Papelbon last year....and it was fitting he ended the road trip with Slamming the Door on the Broom the Rangers were trying to sweep us up with.


Ted D said...


Hopefully the Yankee fans out there saw the future last night: that guy who mowed down the Rangers line up for 1 2/3 innings?

He's a Red Sox player: get used to the next 10 years.

Meanwhile, how old is Rivera again? One thing I love about Papelbon is that youthfull exuberance. When they mike him up for a game, hilarity ensues.

He seems like a guy who GETS how lucky he is to play this game for a living, and is determined to have fun while doing it.

GREAT post Tex.

Tex said...

thanks Ted. I was really trying to soak up Sunday night knowing it would be 2 1/2 months before I'd see them in person again.

Paps IS having fun...but when he was in the bullpen warming...he gets zoned! He actually stretches, runs, does exercises again, then pitches...

he reminds me of my personality...Im silly until it counts at work...then Im very serious about my work

Ted D said...

My Mom, 71 years young, LOVES the Papelbot: she thinks it's great when he turns his head and glares at home plate. He is her favorite after Papi. AND I convinced her to buy a Sox hat for her morning 4 mile walk. :)

Tex, Matt and I can't wait to meet you in September: here's to hoping that the boys are in first place by then and setting up the rotation for the playoffs.

Tex said...

oh to get MY MOM to become a Red Sox fan! I love his stare!! I mean it scares me watching it and I aint batting!! I cant wait to see his brothers come up in the Show.

Back at Ya for Baltimore! and I have to tell ya...sometimes people are different when you meet them from their personality on the net... I AIN'T :)

Ted D said...


Never thought otherwise!

It's gonna be a blast.

Mattie said...

Tex, now I'm really envious! Paps is the man, and I'm glad you got to share a "private" moment with him. Ted was telling me today how much of a goofball he is when he's not pitching. Of course, I don't believe a word he says, but I now know he speaks the truth in regard to that.

I'll second his comment about looking forward to meeting our "big sis" in B-more!

Glad you had a good time! And hey, we don't get to see the Sox for, what, 5 more months? At least you got 'em in 2 1/2!

Tex said...

my "in-person" games are April, June, July and September...I cant complain

Ted D said...

Corn Muffin,

What do you mean you don't believe a word I say? When I talk, EF Hutton listens. :)

I TOLD you about this: the fact my own blood doubts me cuts to the core.

Tex, you see what I have to put up with?

Tex said...

your assignment will be to research Paps background.
1st question: How many brothers does Pap have? and what do they do?

Ted D said...

Night Texas:

Bacon grease is OUT.