Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Git Er Dun Josh!!!

Texas is on the mound today. There’s always been this Tex-Mass Connection throughout my life. The first time I recall was the Kennedy-Johnson ticket…well I was a mere child but I was alive while Kennedy was President. I remember my parents loved him….and honestly remember his assassination as my parents mourned. I grew up in a small town in Texas where football was King….but this little girl rode her bicycle to the little league field where the neighborhood boys played baseball. That is where she grew to love the little white ball with red seams being caught and thrown. Seeing little boys hit the ball and run around the diamond. Little did I know there was this whole other world outside in New England who felt just like me. I dated one of the high school pitchers of my school and grew to love it even more. My little sister begin playing in a little league softball team for girls…I started playing in a city league… Fast forward to college days….my alma mater had and still has a great baseball program to my delight…so I followed it even more intensely….hearing about this kid from Texas at U.T. who was a phenomenal pitcher. He brought the team to the World Series in 1983…got signed by Boston in 1983 and made it to The Show on May 15, 1984. I kept up with Roger’s good fortune and when he left Boston….I came to realize I had fell in love with the team.

Since then, my love for Texas players has changed. I’m glad for their success and all…but once they leave the Sox…I wish them well…and keep rooting for my boys.
Today one of my own is standing on the mound ready to defend Opening Day…Beckett is a true Texan unlike Roger. Roger wasn’t born in Texas and didn’t even come to Texas till 1977. Josh has his own hunting leases he promotes…and has won the Muy Grande.....
Today on the mound came Beckett....he produced and deserves the Praise of a Texan God. Joshua Patrick Beckett..born in Spring, Texas...just a good ole country boy doing what he loves best: Pitching the Hell out of a Game.


Tex said...

well Let me be the 1st to post...did I TELL ya????? Josh is PRIMO TEXAN and ready to play.

Tex said...

Ted I'll be working tonight till after 9pm..check in later

KAYLEE said...

nice post tex i didnt see the game I was at school...but i am glad they won!

Ted D said...

Hey Tex:

I think he read your blog today:

He got ir dun!

I can happily say I never jumped off his bandwagon like some folks. (Kaylee? Still waiting on my apology :)

I'm proud of you Tex: you are on quite a roll lately with your blogging!

KAYLEE said...

TED, how can I jump off his bandwagon if I was never on it?

Tex said...

Im so STOKED about him this year!!!

John said...

Yer man pitched a gem and the boys really turned it on for Opening Day.
I woke up at 5:45 delighted to find MLB.TV carrying the NESN feed. Even got see Johnny Pesky. Watched thru the seventh and went to work late!
And what about Lonestar singing the anthem? Are they a Texas band?