Sunday, April 08, 2007

Turn UP the HEAT!!!

Well that was an ugly game and cold as freaking ever!!! I arrived at the ballpark around 4:45pm....waited in line and got in the park around 5:15pm. I headed straight to the Red Sox dugout to get in a good position for photo opps. players were out...cept Tiz who was getting interviewed. Finally Beckett poked his head out for abit, waved...then returned into the dugout. Snyder popped out...and before he could say no...some guy had thrown him a ball to sign. Security yelled out to wait for Snyder to say to give him I waited patiently asking him...and on his 5th point...I got my faded Red Sox visor signed by Kyle...nice especially when I really just wanted to take pics. Well the batting cage came down as no one was going to take batting practice. Pitchers came out and threw to one another, stretched some and did some sprints...ALL down in Right Field!!! Oh well...I decided to head to the Red Sox bullpen to catch Taz and Tek.

Waiting patiently for them....but this was about the shortest Tek routine and Pitching warm-up I'd ever seen...but of course I can't say I blame was Freaking COLD!!! 38 degrees!!! I mean here it is Bluebonnets blooming...SpringTime....Easter Weekend...and we had Snow Flurries this morning. I SAW THEM!!!

I can't even describe to you the feelings I had watching our team just implode....I just know I was COLD!!! The boys really don't have an excuse as they are used to playing in the cold weather....but the Red Sox fans stayed till the end....waiting and hoping for someone to warm up the bats.

Having trouble with blogger today posting a pic...or it's my computer...or me. I see Ted is posting pics so it must be my computer.
If you'd like to see some pics, you can check out:

I'll be posting more pics later...Thank Goodness today is much warmer!!


KAYLEE said...


Ted D said...


Were you cracking on my when you said I was posting pictures and you couldn't? :) I'm really envious of all the games you are getting to go to this year. You lucky Texan you.

Have a GREAT time tonight, and cheer them on.

Be nice to head home 3-3, since the Yankees lost today and sit at 2-3.

Ted D said...

OK, so you're not bad luck after all!

GREAT win last night: Schilling goes 7 and Pap comes in to slam the door shut.

I feel much better now.

Have a great day Tex,