Monday, April 23, 2007

Sweet Sweep

Not a whole to add to the pic about the game. It's just one series but it was SO sweet to sweep the Yankees! Schill brought it....Beckett and Paps nailed it...and well lets just say Daiske got rid of the dreaded wakism disease with a quadruple shot in the arm.
Weekend is over....I'm still smiling ear to ear....I don't need to gloat...just the expressions on Jeter and ARod's faces last night was enough for me. Manny acting like a little boy after all the homeruns!
Baseball season is here in full bloom...May is around the corner.
I wonder if brooms are flying at half-mast in New York?


Ted D said...

Tex, great post: how sweep it is.

Let's hope the bats are still awake for Timmeh tonight, and they can continue rolling.

2 posts in 2 days? Where is my Texas and what have you done with her?


Tex said...

i think she's happier these days

Ted D said...

Well if that's the case,

Post away Tex!

I can't WAIT to finally meet you: the sister I never knew I had.

KAYLEE said...