Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away....

Nothing like starting off the season with some wash away the tears from some Red Sox fans who were hopeful for Daiske's Opener at Fenway to be Monumental. Even Giants fall down ya know....I find it interesting that with so much hype around his start...that my theory i Josh and Felix got together and plotted to steal Daiske's thunder. Some of us (Red Sox Dad and myself) had full belief in Josh...some of us(Kaylee) did not. If you recall when Josh came to Boston......he didn't quite live up to the my take is bring the Big Boys down a notch to let them's a TEAM...not individuals here....well except for Manny.

There's alot you can do tonight instead of watching the can
1. wash your hair
2. wash your laundry
3. dry your laundry
4. post a new blog :)
5. call your parents
6. call your sis/bro
7. rearrange your Fantasy Baseball lineup
8. go for a walk...well not if you're in Boston cos it's RAINING!!!
9. exercise dvd
10. Put in a fav all time classic dvd of a game or your 2004 WS dvd.....
That should make you feel all warm and fuzzy in this cold cold weather...

::looking out my glass doors of my balcony at HOT SUN beaming into the floor::

or if you're in Austin, can go for a nice walk at Town Lake aka Colorado River, cos it's nice and sunny this afternoon.


KAYLEE said...

OR YOU CAN TAKE CARE OF A BABY:-) thanks for the shoutout tex:)

Tex said...

i finally added you on my links...dont know what took me so long :)
well if you're a BIG're supposed to

KAYLEE said...

thats okay I finally added you too:)

Ted D said...

Tex, 'preciate the love. :)

I've got the DirecTV up and have 6 games at once on!

Taking the day off tomorrow and taking Ciera and Rakes to the zoo: Trot is hanging out with his Grandpa.

I may leave Rakes to live among the monkeys.:)

Tex: word of warning. Oat Bran told me today he is preparing the mother of all deep posts.

I've begun work on the fallout shelter in the back yard!

Tex said...

how deep can Oatmeal be? Im sure you will have to tread and paddle Ted on that blog....leave the deep retorts to me! I got my boots on Always...and am full of ....well you know :)

KAYLEE said...

//I may leave Rakes to live among the monkeys.:)//

That sounds fun can I do that?

Ted D said...

Tex, he can get pretty deep: I have to reach for the Tylenol when he does, but still.

I'll give my usual shallow response, and I'll let you take care of the heavy lifting: I think someone who writes poetry is definately more capable of commenting on deep thoughts than me.

KAYLEE said...


The Triumphant Red Sox Fan said...

You know, Tex, it is possible to walk in the rain. Lots of people do it!

Tex said...

Im singing in the rain...just singing in the rain...what a glorious happy again...

I like walking in the rain as long as it aint lightening

Ted D said...

Wow Tex,

You have a GREAT singing voice!

We get baseball tonight Tex: no rain in Beantown!

KAYLEE said...

FOrget walking in the rain I play in it:)