Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's a Strong Man's Game

Leave it to Big Papi to come up with the ultimate t-shirt. Alot of people I know think baseball is boring....plain boring they say. Many innings go by without anything happening. But I say that is where Papi's tshirt saying comes in. Baseball takes patience...something not alot of men (no offense) have. SO baseball IS a Strong Man's Game...takes alot of patience and strong willed attitudes to get through men batting just to ground or fly out. Knowing that one of those hits will result in a grand slam, inside the park homer or a worth the wait. Big Papi has the right idea...he just takes patience.
Well I've been waiting since October....and I'm ready for baseball. I'm ready for the boys to play. I'm ready for Opening Day in Texas where Wake will take the ball. I'm ready for a new season....I think Dice-K was asked about the upcoming season...

His Response? "I'm Ready..."
nuff said....Let the Games Begin!


HorshamScouse said...

I think you're right, it's all about patience especially in Papi's case. To be pitched around as often as he is, even with Manny behind him, to have wait for a pitch to hit through the shift takes a special kind of strength of will. He has it in spades.
Will morning never come?!

Tex said...

Will 3pm ever come????

Peter N said...

I love that shirt. And I know you're ready, just as am. Enjoy and never forget opening day 2007. Take care Tex...Peter

Peter N said...

I left out the "I", but , oh well.!!!!!!!

Ted D said...

Texas, great post: like you said, not only strong physically, but mentally as well, and Papi has it by the bushelful.

Glad to hear things are going well on the personal front: and remember, I know people if you ever need me, OK? :)



Ted D said...


Hope you had a great day.

Talk to you later.


Ted D said...


Headed out and just wanted to make sure you dodged tornado's and hail last night.

Drop a line here or at my blog and let me know you are all right.

Have a great day. :)

Jere said...

So about the post, I know people say it's boring, and you make good points about patience. But the way I look at it is: Every pitch IS "something happening." They all get recorded, they each have a speed and a break and a location and a result. And as a bonus, if a player swings, it sets into motion a whole other possible series of events. And all that occurs every 20 seconds for three hours, for 162 games. How is that not enough for these non-baseball people??

Now soccer, THAT's boredom.