Thursday, April 26, 2007

WMP...bout time.

yah that's Wily Mo Pena getting the high five by "Doubles". Grand Slam after a dry spell to pick up my boy Josh for his 5th win in April! It was a beautiful thing to watch sail over centerfield into the stands. Now you'd think I'd have Beckett's pic here today...but I got to give WMP props today....I'll post my homage to Josh tomorrow. We had a mini-sweep in Baltimore...and now we're headed to New York City....the Big face our enemy. We'll be in their house this weekend...but let's see if we can bring our brooms again. I don't have alot of words tonight...saving them for my Texas Boy. By the way, my flag and signed Beckett ball was out giving him good luck. I am going to make it MY POINT to get Beckett to sign a Texas flag....and have it framed!


Jon Supermurray said...
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KAYLEE said...

thank you WILY MO!

Ted D said...

Tex, this is too funny we used the same picture: question is, are you rubbing off on me or am I rubbing off on you?

What an awesome win: and I had the same dilemma you did: Josh or WMP?

I've said my piece on Beckett, so I had to go with Pena.

AND: The Yankees are STILL in last place. Life is good.