Sunday, April 22, 2007

When All The While

When all the while
She was inside,
Analyzing, staring at
Those around.
With children
and without.
Seeing singles file in
Twos out the doors
of bars.
Smiles with no faces
Eyes with no vision
Listening, choosing
Not to hear.
Searching for a heart,
A lost soul to fit
Next to hers
Mesh with hers.
Searching for another
Half to make her whole,
When all the while
She was inside.
Sadly enough many girls are taught at an early age to be complete they have to be married. Now I am NOT against marriage so before you go judging me, hear me out. To be part of a couple, it requires 2 whole people...not half of a person. Marriage Ain't Geometry where that is how you make a whole circle...unfortunately alot of men and women think in order to be a whole validated person, they have to BE in a couple. It took me quite a number of years to figure all that out. I was looking for someone to heal me but I needed to heal myself. When couples begin having problems, they go to marriage counseling...but what they really need to do first is seek counseling of their own. Another thing people do is settle in life and in love. I decided 5 years ago...I would no longer settle ... if that meant I lived a life be it. This gave me a chance to figure out my life and what to do with it....not worrying about what man was in it and what he wanted.
Now that Prince Charming is knocking on my door....Cinderella is prepared...she has her ducks in a row, priorities in order, has learned to say NO, and doesn't settle for nothing less than the best treatment. Anything less, I'll pull out the voodoo doll and turn his carriage back into a pumpkin.
****disclaimer: I promised someone I would not do Ocean Deep so he could wade safely.


KAYLEE said...

OH man TEX that post is deep for me but,love the poem:-)

Ted D said...

GREAT post Tex: you are one of those rare people who GET it: you made have taken the long way around, but you are extremely wise.

I'm really glad things are going so well.

And I appreciate you putting out the wading pool for me:

small brain = big headaches!

Mattie said...


Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you post that poem on my blog the other day? Good stuff, all the way. I agree that it takes two WHOLE people to make marriage work. You can't expect someone else to fix what's deficient in yourself. Now, that's not saying that each person in a marriage doesn't have areas where they are more qualified than the other. Lord knows, Amanda carries the brunt of that in this house! We compliment each other, in many different ways.

Glad to hear you've found a Prince Charming. You deserve one!

Ted D said...

Tex, I forgot. Great poem: you have a lot of talent.

Ted D said...

Yeah Matt: you get the hearwarming poems: I get "Deep in the heart of Texas"!


Tex said...

oh YEAh i did....well there are more poems to come...this poem really is what is going on right now with me with prince it fit today.

i have another one Im gonna post later this week...Cant get anything past YOU Mattie!!

of course is a give and take relationship...not tug and pull. it sounds like you and amanda and ted and angie have it figured out.

Ted D said...

Matt, Amanda, and Angie have Tex:

I'm still fumbling my way around in the dark.