Friday, June 15, 2007

The Bats are Back....

NOoooooo not those kinds....the Bats with Runs are back. Drew was 3 for 4 bringing in 3 RBI's and 3 runs. Pedroia banged in 5 RBI's including a 2 run homerun. The first inning started off with Ortiz getting ejected after he was not happy with a strike call made by the blue. IN THE FIRST INNING MIND YOU.....and despite what we ALL were thinking at the time....we did NOT need Ortiz today. It always happens that way.....something happens to the veterans and the new guys pick up the slack. Ain't it great!!! I think what I love so much about tonight's game is the fact that Bonds was coming to town seeming to overshadow Dave Robert's reunion. You DO remember him right?? How could anyone ever forget "The Steal"? If I have to link that to're no real Red Sox no bother. But once again our boys come through to take their Home back. Taz entertains us once again with Bowling for Outs! I swear this guy is making my heart melt. Drew is slowing creeping into my heart as well....which is hard to do. And then there's lil Dustin....5'9" my ASS....Dustin is 7 feet tall tonight!!!


Ted D said...

Tex, sorry I missed this last night: went to bed fairly early, then spent all day putting the kids swingset together.

Tavarez KILLS me with the ball rolling, and scoring 10 runs was a welcome sight.

The fact it's 1-0 in the 6th, Sox up, today is not dampening my fun from last night: good pitching duel today, or so I'm gathering since I am stuck watching the Braves/Indians game instead.

Stupid FOX Saturdays.

Tex said...

I got the game by Fox finally!!

Ted D said...

There you go Tex: rub it in.