Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bush League or just Bad Example?

Ok so we lost....rather than focus on that I found all these pics off of Boston Globe of fans poking fun of PayRod. I have to say that Boston has some fairly creative and humorous fans. See the pic with the fans with the blonde wig masks? One guy bought 30 of them and brought them to the game to pass out to other fans sitting around him!!! I'm sure he didn't have to twist any arms either!!! The two guys wearing the wigs are a HOOT!!! The "Scarlet Letter" is Da BOMB!!! Love the literary reference...the poet that I am. BUT by FAR the most significant one is the little boy "threatening" ARod to play by the rules or else....cos ya gotta think about this one: Major League Players are setting examples for little league ball players across the Nation of how to play the game. Do you want your sons/daughters to pull some of his antics?? Slapping balls out of players hands, elbowing while sliding into home or trying to throw off the players on the field by yelling pretending to be one of them??? Bush League is what they've been saying aobut ARod...Not Me.

Alex Rodriguez is an embarrassment to Baseball, the MLB organization, and the Yankees. Even with all the SteroidGate going least Giambi is finally admitting to what he did....when will ARod admit to his not playing fair?


Ted D said...

You forgot the example he sets by squirrelling some stripper while married with a young child.

A total phony in his profession and his personal life: I REALLY hope Schilling puts him on his back today. My life would be immeasureably better if this happens.

KAYLEE said...


Tex said...

well that too Ted that too.

I hate the fact he's one of those who is on MLB commercials.

Ted D said...

I know you aren't getting the game today, but there has been NO commercials with him on the Sox game on FOX today. I noticed it about the third inning: usually he's got that Boy's and Girl's club one on at least 30 times.