Thursday, June 14, 2007

It ain't just a River in Egypt ya know...

Just so ya know that's The Nile River in Egypt....are you following me now? Ok so last night's loss was devastating for a few was to the freaking Rockies!, Schill got rocked, the ugly score and it was to the freaking Rockies!!! all the while the Yanks are moving in...but Tonight's loss....was personal TO ME.

Josh Beckett's winning streak came to an end by some pansyass mile high clubbers. ::long sigh:: I wanted him to overcome Roger's winning streak. Josh is from Texas if ya didn't know it by now (hush up Ted and Kaylee). I love the boy and the girl who gets him BETTER "GET HIM". Beckett may be Major League but the boy comes from know the ole saying...You can take the boy out of the country(that is TEXAS) but ya can't take the country(TEXAS) out of the boy. Hence his comment at NESN tonight as quoted by my good friend Red Sox Dad's blog. Apparently Beckett was asked about his pitching....since he was giving the Rockies stuff they could hit and score runs off of...Beckett replied "They were horseshit pitches, what can I say?" Dontcha just LOVE HIM???? Like I posted on Ted's blog...we Texans don't mince words and we're pretty darn colorful. And That's A GOOD THING!

Ok boys....enough of losing....let's dig out those bats that come with Runs please??


KAYLEE said...

First let me note,there shall be no comments about Texas in this post of mine:-)

I LOVE Beckett's quote!That definately made me smile.


HorshamScouse said...

Tough loss for your boy Tex, although some hits would have helped.

I'm ditching all my other stuff for San Diego and just bringing a bag of bats...

5 days 'til SoCal sunshine:) and the first round's on me.

Ted D said...

Tex, went to bed before you posted last night. I HATED to see Beckett lose: you know I've been right there with him since last year: that said, no way was he going to go undefeated, and even though they suck, the Rockies have a bunch of guys who swing the bat well. Tough series, but it's over and done.

Bring on Bond's and the Giants: can still go 4-2 on the homestand.

And Horsham, you guys have a ball next weekend: and Take PICTURES!